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Last Updated Wednesday, March 15, 2000

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Friends of the Tree

  • I have some friend of the tree nominations. The following people have done a great job of getting the xptcall stuff working on Tru64 (Digital Unix):

    Clemmitt Sigler (
    Clem Cole (
    Steve Streeter (
    -- Jim Nance
Module Updates
M13 Downloads
Mar 2
Submitted by Dawn Endico <>
We had more than a quarter million downloads for M13 binaries and more than 22K downloads of the source. Are that many people really building mozilla? Wow.

2315  mozilla-FreBSD3x.M13.tar.gz
334   mozilla-hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20-M13.tar.gz
160   mozilla-hppa1.1-hp-hpux11.00-M13.tar.gz
120   mozilla-i386-pc-bsdi4.0.1-M13.tar.gz
2992  mozilla-i386-pc-linux-M13-MathML.tar.gz
27455 mozilla-i686-pc-linux-gnu-M13-fullcircle.tar.gz
1278  mozilla-i686-pc-linux-gnu-M13-ja-JP.tar.gz
22801 mozilla-i686-pc-linux-gnu-M13.tar.gz
670   mozilla-mac-M13-ja-JP.sea.hqx
12056 mozilla-mac-M13.sea.hqx
284   mozilla-ppc-aix4.3.2-M13.tar.gz
1206  mozilla-ppc-unknown-linux-gnu-M13.tar.gz
548   mozilla-sparc-linux-M13.tar.gz
453   mozilla-sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1-M13.tar.gz
1690  mozilla-sparc-sun-solaris2.6-M13.tar.gz
75718 mozilla-win32-installer-M13.exe
2292  mozilla-win32-M13-MathML.exe
121   mozilla-x86-solaris2.7-M13.tar.gz
553   mozilla_openvms_alpha_m13.dcx_axpexe

294386 binary downloads

 22823 source downloads

Language Packs
Mar 3
Submitted by Tao Cheng <>
Thanks to Dawn's assistance, I had moved all submitted language packs, localized builds, and localization tools to This shall take down the size of files on Mozilla's documents server and also improve the visibility of our localization contribution. The directory structure looks like this:  --> top directory

                glossaries/     --> contains all 4.x glossary files
                        *.txt *.utf8

                lang/   --> contains all localized builds/lang-packs
                        m8/ ... m14/  
                            mozilla-[os][-lang|-talkback]-[locale].{zip, tar.gz}

                tools/  --> contains all localization/leveraging tools

All future submission will be pushed to the appropriated directories. Feel free to let me know if you have access problem.
Mar 5
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>
  • Daniel Matejka fixed bug 28100 that caused modal dialogs to peg the CPU on Linux.  (danm).
  • Eric Vaughan came up with an initial design for a "Grid" widget (during a brief PDT+ bug shortage). (evaughan)
  • Stuart Parmenter (pavlov):
  • Helped danm stop modal dialogs from pegging the CPU.
  • Helped mcafee to fix some commercial problems.
  • Fixed PSM not loading on unix (again)
  • David Hyatt (hyatt):
  • Fixed tree widget problems on content deletion
  • Fixed problems with tables/trees when a scrollbar appeared in a row group
  • DOM problem on window.close()
  • Improved mailcompose tree widget
  • XUL Widgets
  • <radiogroup> and <radio> now work
  • Stubbed out <textfield> and <textarea>
  • Worked with Eric to ensure <grid> design can handle <tree>'s requirements
  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkerton)
  • Made menu positioning (xp and popups) much, much better. They can no longer  appear under the mouse or over their parent.
  • Worked with hyatt/evaughan to speed up hierarchical performance ten-fold.
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 67 bugs in the last week, fixing 36 of  these, including 21 PDT+ (down to our last 3!).  For details, see our resolved bug list.
  • Priorities

    saari: 26834 opened windows need sanity checks on size, position and visibility
    evaughan: 23857 Sidebar fills entire screen on splitter click
    danm: 25979 Problems on windows running in 256 color

  • Help travis to remove some native widgets from webshells/content viewers.
  • Do some measurements with hoard (smart heap manager thing) with the unix builds to see if he can speed them up more.
  • Everyone:
    • Help fix/resolve/test/verify anyone's PDT+ bugs.
    • Keep bug lists triaged.
    • Nominate any new beta1 stoppers.

    March 12:


  • XPToolkit team got down to Zarro PDT+ Boogs!
  • Eric Vaughan  (evaughan):
  • Simplified and lowered the memory footprint of the box system.
  • Refined the new grid control.
  • David Hyatt and Chris Saari made some impressive progress (in a very short amount of time spent) on an Aqua-like skin, as a technology demonstration of the capabilities of the XPToolkit, now new & improved with XBL widgets. The results are getting developers very excited.  (hyatt, saari)
  • David also:
  • Converted scrollbarbutton to button, making it XBL-compliant.
  • Converted the scrollbar code to have an XBL-compliant thumb.
  • Trimmed out more hardcoded C++ anonymous content creation, moving it into XBL.
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 51 bugs in the last week, fixing 19 of  these, including 10 PDT+.  For details, see our resolved bug list.
  • Priorities


    • Help get PR1 released by helping to fix bugs, verifying bugfixes,  using the product and reporting bugs.
    • Triage M15 bugs and start making progress resolving them.  First priority among them: skinnability.
  • pinkerton:
  • Rewrite DOM screen object.
  • Simplify Drag & Drop APIs.
  • saari:
  • Finish Aqua skin demo.
  • hyatt:
  • Skinnability.
  • evaughan:
  • Finish skinnablity issues in boxes.
  • pavlov:
  • Land MacOS X  changes and crypto on to the tip.
  • danm:

  • Decisions



    • Brian Ryner ( has accepted our offer to work on XPToolkit for an internship this summer!  You already know Brian from such mozilla contributions as wheel-button mouse support, and the Finger protocol.
    Mar 6
    Submitted by Bob Lord <>
    We recently landed some of the crypto code onto the M14 branch. In particular, we landed stuff like the HTTPS protocol hander, and the PSM client libraries (see the PKI page for more info on PSM: This landing will make it possible for people to use PSM with Mozilla daily builds in addition to the Milestone builds.

    We're not landing PSM source just yet, though we are working our way toward that goal. See the FAQ for more details: ( Also, we are trying to build an XPI file so that you can quickly add the PSM binary to Mozilla with one or two mouse clicks. As soon as it works at all, we'll publish a page with instructions and ask for help testing.

    March 12:

    This past week we released a version of PSM which works with Mozilla's M14 branch. Now you can shop with Mozilla! See this page for more info.

    After Netscape branched for Beta, Pav migrated all our changes to the trunk.  PSM should work with our nightly builds starting in the next day or so.

    Mar 6
    Submitted by Phil Peterson <>
    • Fixed 58 bugs last week
    • We're making great progress getting rid of the beta stoppers
    • UI meeting finishing up with Password Manager, with help from Steve Morse and Kevin Yen. We're not proposing any changes for beta1, but it should be much nicer for beta2.
    • We have four remaining beta stopper bugs
    • After fixing beta stoppers, folks should be looking at remaining M14 bugs, PDT- bugs, and M15 bugs.
    • We've started prioritizing and scheduling the remaining mail/news features.

    • bienvenu - 28203 need to prompt for password more than once if logon referral fails
    • alecf - 30370 Message does not display in Local folder, 21135 libpref really needs to be cleaned up and made ownable
    • jefft - 28916 need to handle /NoSelect folder as 4.x does, 29347 Forward message from local folder as attachment can't be read from IMAP server
    • rhp - 12505 Print mail headers with body
    • mscott - 21358 Unknown File Type dialogs spew when js used to load ftp url, 27048 need http clients to implement nsIHTTPEventSink
    • sspitzer - 30646  Crash reading certain news postings, 30648  Very short MTBF reading newsgroups
    • hangas - 29861 Clicking on the Netscape Logo should launch Netscape Home Page
    • putterman - 17074 Maintaining a sort for each folder
    • chuang - 18476 History ABook is not created for a New Profile until you have closed and reopened Seamonkey, 29090 Mailing List Back End
    • ducarroz - 30381 Can't compose mail: contentWindow is not defined

    March 13:


    • Fixed 34 bugs last week, and we only have one beta stopper left
    • Need to stay on top of incoming beta-stopper bugs and fix on the beta1 branch
    • Engineering staff meeting scheduled for 3/14 to review the beta2 feature list. We'll assign, load-balance, prioritize, and most importantly, recommend cuts.

    • bienvenu - 10837 Import tool for 4.x address books
    • alecf - on vacation
    • jefft - 29347 IMAP: Forward message from local folder as attachment can't be read from IMAP server, 24740 ACL part of namespace support.
    • rhp - 31047 Styled display of plain text quoted material, 31096 Save As command doesn't, depending on file extension, 29806 Ability to use image file as signature
    • mscott - 30625 View Source asserts/crashes
    • sspitzer - 17795 Subscribe dialog for nntp / imap, 30648 Running out of socket transports for mail protocols.
    • hangas - Converting all of our widgets to use the new xul widgets that Hyatt has created. 19558 Make mail skinnable, 19561 Make Address Book skinnable.
    • putterman - 16545 Clear biff when getting new messages, 30750 make changes to Special Folders (drafts, templates, etc) reflect into the folder pane ui. 
    • chuang -  29090 Mailing List Back End.
    • ducarroz - 23687 Saving mails as draft or template with no draft/template folder specified generates two error messages, 25573 Clean up mail compose UI


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