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Last Updated Tuesday, February 29, 2000

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Previous Updates

Friends of the Tree

  • I would like to nominate as "Friend of the Tree" this week for his contribution on Bug 24390, a PDT+ bug that was blocking 4 other bugs. Several engineers looked into it in the past month without finding the solution, 'sjoerd' put us back on track and will allow us to land the new skins. -- Pierre Saslawsky
  • For Linux, Chris Waterson for recoding AppShellService shutdown to use PL events as opposed to timers, fixing gnarly startup and shutdown hangs. -- Syd Logan
Module Updates
Feb 13
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>
  • Mike Pinkerton removed WasteLib from Viewer and our distribution, saving 120K of code, in addition to removing some un-used native widgets. (pinkerton)

  • Chris Saari (saari):
  • Fixed a key command dispatcher bug that was causing much of the cut/copy/paste weirdness.
  • Fixed a bunch of focus bugs with Joki/Hyatt, primarly focus

  • memory.
  • Eric Vaughan landed box coalescing code, lowering reflows on showing of a XUL window to 10. (evaughan)

  • Stuart Parmenter (pavlov):
  • Stopped toolbars from drawing random stuff on Linux.
  • Got window sizes to be saved.
  • Sped up scrolling by at least 5x.
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
  • Fixed the focus problem when clicking on links.
  • Fixed the initial focus problem when window activates.
  • Worked with rods to fix the AltGR menu activation problem
  • Enabled command updating from content
  • Patched the tree widget's scrollbar thumb size to be more accurate.
  • Added support for preventDefault to XUL key bindings, to XBL, and to the menu listener, which stopped double key event firing problems.
  • Added support for keyboard navigation to context menus and popups
  • Added support for shortcut mnemonics to context menus and popups
  • Created two new XUL frames to support <image> and <text> (paving the way for <titledbutton> to be built out of these two new tags).
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 98 bugs in the last week, fixing 45  of  these, including 35 PDT+.  For details, see our resolved bug list.




  • ALL:
  • Fix PDT+ bugs.
  • Fix dependencies of PDT+ bugs.
  • Help others fix PDT+ bugs.
  • Reproduce, resolve, verify and test for regression of PDT+ bugs.
  • pinkerton:
  •  27257  Popups in chrome cause toolbox to collapse
  •  27285 popup menus on personal toolbar are displaying artifacts
  • saari:
  • Land focus changes, clean up loose ends, close 80% of my PDT+ bugs as a result (fingers crossed, should be able to, focus is looking really good on our machines)
  •  26105 Mail wizard crashes browser on first run
  •  26854  Crash in nsXULKeyListenerImpl::DoKey
  • hyatt:
  • Fixing tree widget regressions (caused by other people's changes to related components).

  • Helping out the rest of the team by continuing to take PDT+ bugs.   Is this the best Mozilla can throw at me?  I can take it.  BRING ON THE PDT+ BUGS.
  • evaughan:
  •  14827  FRAME and IFRAME attribute scrolling=no is ignored
  •  26270  forms in nested fieldset boxes does not get focus on Linux...happens in manual proxies
  •  24351Glitches in the pref panel UI
  • sdagley:
  •  22961 Mac: select local file uses colons instead of slashes
  • pavlov:
  •  24926 Linux - Can't paste to 3rd party plaintext editor CLIPBOARD atom.
  •  15672  App exit after XP menu usage, closing dialog with Ctrl-W.
  •  26502  Linux rendering performance is MUCH slower than windows.
  • danm:
  •  19221 Dialog Modality added for Bug 10000 causes bad UE bustage
  • Composer
    Feb 14
    Submitted by Beth Epperson <>

    This weeks priorities:

    All team members will:
  • wrap up M14 bug list
  • review, prioritize, triage M15 bugs
    • Kin:
      • assist in management of the team while Beth is on sabbatical
      • assist Kathy in wrapping up M14 issues
      • attend leads meetings and rickg staff meeting
      • 5 open M14 bugs
    • Kathy:
      • triage bug list
      • help wrap up of M14 issues for the team
      • manage the team while Beth is on sabbatical
      • 1 open M14 bugs
    • Joe:
      • submit a bunch of bugs on the inline style stuff; assign them to me
      • come up with a plan for dealing with the inline style problems.
      • 2 open M14 bugs
    • Simon:
      • resolve the open menu specific bugs
      • work on 18395 - Editor UI updating should use JS commander nodes
      • 7 open M14 bugs
    • Mike:
      • continue to work on the generated content selection issue
      • clean up more selection issues
      • 4 open M14 bugs
    • Charley:
      • continue with table editing issues
      • continue with page properties, preferences and table dialog boxes
      • 5 open M14 bugs
    • Akkana:
      • work on the "can't get out of link insertion" bug
      • 3 open M14 bugs


    • 63 editor bugs were resolved this past week -- there were lots and lots of dups this week.
    • 27 open M14 bugs. There are 4 PDT+ bugs in M14, 1 PDT+ in M15, and 1 in M16


    • There are currently 221 open Composer bugs (M14-M20


    • Kin
      • became a father this week, congratulations Kin and Annie
      • fixed the Alt+Num pad bug - moved cursor unnecessarily
    • Kathy
      • fixed cannot exit from Composer
      • fixed the Command-Shift-N bug (editor window now opens)
      • editor bug list triage
    • Joe
      • fixed the crash when enlarging text and then bold
      • fixed caret placement issue in mail compose
      • fixed the blockquote spacing issue
      • turned off undo for passwords
      • implemented increase/decrease font through the use of the <BIG> and <SMALL> elements
      • did several code reviews
    • Simon
      • Fixes checked in for the following issues on the Mac: Command line files, GetURL apple event (only the basics), OpenURL apple events (only the basics)
    • Mike
      • resolved some keybinding issues
      • resolved an assert on select
      • resolved memory leak on select
      • fixed several other select bugs -- arrow key bugs
    • Charley
      • fixed several color picker issues
      • cleaned up menu's - disabled menu items that are not yet implemented
      • fixed string substitution for all requests
    • Akkana
      • implemented Print Preview and View Source in Composer
      • renamed the editor bogus node to start with _moz, and changed the output sinks so that it wouldn't get into the output. It had been renamed and was showing.
      • fixed Printf on every keypress bug
      • tracked several keybinding changes
      • tree surgery: spent lots of time helping the sheriffs clean up tree bustage.


    • no candidates yet for the open req


    • Beth out on sabbatical 2/16-3/29
    • Kin out on sabbatical 3/6 - 4/17
    • Kin was out on 2/10-11 (see accomplishments)
    • Kathy will be in Mountain View from 3/2 - 3/9
    Feb 14
    Submitted by Phil Peterson <>
    • Fixed 72 bugs last week. Of those, 22 were beta stoppers.
    • phil and mscott visited MIT to do college recruiting
    • IMAP interoperability with non-Netscape servers is improving rapidly
    • Added featurelet to file outgoing message in another folder (in addition to the folder specified in your prefs).
    • Weekly UI meetings continue to focus on menu structure
    • If you have a beta stopper bug, you should be working on it, and not on other things. If you have no beta stopper bugs, look to see if anyone else has one you can help with. If you can't help with anything else, you can do M14 work until tomorrow night.
    • bienvenu - IMAP stuff
    • alecf - 23006 Save password option doesn't work, 27485 SMTP server pref not sticking
    • jefft -  18565 SMTP part of single sign on, 22003 Get Msg sometimes stalls on Mac
    • rhp -  12505 Printing mail only prints the body, not the headers
    • sspitzer - 27689 Mail crashes on startup, 8075 Store the read/unread status of news articles in the newsrc file.
    • mscott - 22960 Improve message display performance, 20597 URL in mail msg doesn't bring up a browser window if one isn't already open.
    • hangas - 20129 Mozilla unresponsive during load,sort. 22558 Need key bindings in mail window 25348 Delete button gets stuck on disabled
    • putterman - 21469  7844
    • chuang - Looking for stopper bugs to help with
    • ducarroz - 23785 unable to address msgs to more than 3 recipients without losing data, 23768 Attempt to File | Send Page crashed
    Feb 18
    Submitted by Martijn Pieters <>
    • More goings on with Mozilla bugs. As always, follow our blundering progress through what sometimes may seem a China Shop, at Bugzilla, suing the zopestudio keyword:

    • Shalabh Chaturvedi is making great inroads into a Property View, learning lots about RDF, XUL templates and XBL.

    • I have started reading up on Model-View(-Controller) theory and practice. More on this next week. This will, however, mark the end of the experimentation and exploration phase. I do encourage others (like Shalabh) to continue their endeavours and reports on their discoveries, but I will have to move on to a more formal stage of development.
    Feb 20
    Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 120 bugs in the last week, fixing 70 of  these, including 31 PDT+ (reducing our total to 12).  For details, see our resolved bug list.



  • Eric Vaughan (evaughan)
  • Made major speed optimizations to boxes
  • Added the ability to do alignment in boxes so people can make simpler faster dialogs.
  • Built a XUL based fieldset replacement for boxes called a TitledBox to make dialogs faster and  cleaner.
  • Added a pref to preferences to turn on visual debugging in XUL.
  • Stuart Parmenter (pavlov:
  • Worked with Scott MacGregor  to get secure imap support checked in.
  • Worked with Chris McAfee to help get application icons changeable between mozilla and netscape builds on unix.
  • Lowlights

    Didn't receive a progress report from David Hyatt this week.


    Resolve our remaining PDT+ bugs (all listed by engineer below), and help resolve all the rest.

  • danm:
  •  28241 both Password and Open Web  Location dialogs appear, crash on
     27775 cannot load oracle site (due to javascript error?)
  •  27717 repaint problems
  • evaughan:
  • 25103 Subject edit field jumps over the addressing widget.
  • 27573 Crash selecting profile folder in profile manager
  • 27242 Problems with headers in message pane.
  • hyatt:
  • Assist anyone who needs help fixing PDT+ bugs.
  • Try to make progress on any  PDT+ blocker bugs owned by evaughan, until Eric gets back from vacation.
  • pavlov:
  •  27342 Linux build doesn't exit
  •  27241Menus appear transparent if sidebar is open
  • pinkerton:
  •  26150 Mac radio menu items do not show checkmarks
  •  28052 Titlebuttons are loading every time.
  • saari:
  •  12051 [Feature] Focus not saved when switching between windows
  •  26834 opened windows need sanity checks on size, position and visibility
  • Issues

    • David Hyatt's hands got painful again this week.  He's not typing (much), but is available to help anyone with a PDT+ bug who can do the typing for both.
    • Eric Vaughan is on vacation from 2/17 until 2/23.
    Feb 21
    Submitted by Phil Peterson <>
    • Fixed 65 bugs last week, 32 of which were PDT+ beta stoppers
    • HTML "intelligent send" (trying to send HTML to those who want it, and plain text to those who don't want HTML) is coming together. This is an important interoperability feature.
    • SMTP authentication is complete, and is integrated with the Password Manager (aka single sign on).
    • We're now using newsrc files again to store read/unread state for news
    • URL dispatcher now opens browser windows for http links in mail/news messages
    • Mail/news has 25 bugs left on the list of PDT+ beta stoppers
    • bienvenu -  24692 Message lost when copying to folder with non-ASCII folder name, IMAP fixes
    • alecf - 26413 Newly added account picks up prefs from deleted account, New account wizard improvements
    • jefft - 26547 Unable to move/copy to subfolder of Inbox on UW IMAP server, 26657 IMAP assertion "hierarchy separator unknown"
    • rhp -  23418 Saving mail message saves in Unicode when user supplies HTML extension, 12505 Printing mail only prints body, not headers
    • mscott - 28467 Windows switch z-order,  22960 Improve message display performance
    • sspitzer - 26773 No alerts on network errors
    • hangas - 28144 Make XP Toolkit widgets look more professional
    • putterman - 7844 Japanese local folder names don't show correctly 26456 Improve folder loading performance
    • chuang - Available to help
    • ducarroz - Available to help
    Feb 24
    Submitted by Jim A. Roskind <>
    The source tree "opened" today, and I realized I should try to communicate what is going on from the Netscape's team perspective.  I wanted to make sure that external contributors could have additional visibility into our approach, and have options for helping us ship a commercial beta sooner.

    The Netscape development and QA team is still working with great focus on getting out a commercially branded beta in short order.  This work is going on along the trunk of the CVS mozilla tree.  As a result, Netscape folks are continuing to operate under tree-checkin-rules which are quite akin to a closed tree.   Netscape development effort is restricted to "dogfood" and "beta1" tagged bugs (see the keywords field of a bug) that have been approved by the Product Delivery Team ("PDT+" in the status whiteboard).  Netscape contributors also have to have their checkins "approved" on an individual basis, to be sure that the risk of regression is considered, and that multiple landings don't induce chaos. As I mentioned in a prior email: We are very concerned about stability during this beta push.

    If folks outside Netscape would like to help us provide a better beta sooner.... they could:

    a) Help us resolve bugs with PDT+ in the whiteboard (and talk to us about landings ahead of time :-) ).
    b) Avoid checking in things that have a chance at destabilizing the tree
    c) Help us test and evaluate bugs (only the PDT can do the approval, but any folks can "nominate" critical *crashers* etc. by putting the "beta1" keyword on the bug).

    Once we get the PDT+ list down to around 10-20 bugs, we'll branch for beta1, and then the trunk will be open for Netscape developers again.  If I had to guess, that beta1 branch will take place in about 2 weeks (mileage may vary... but I we are *VERY* motivated to get this puppy out).

    Again to be clear, the source tree is open, but Netscape developers are still checking in as though it was closed/restricted.  The way to help us branch and ship beta sooner is to have a look at the bugs on the PDT+ list, and be *very* conservative about checkins until we branch.

    If you do feel you have an urgent need to make a massive checkin, please try to at least give a day's warning to us.  In the extreme, if a large landing is going to arrive before our beta branch is "desirable," we may have to branch prematurely :-( and shift all our development efforts onto that branch.

    Thanks in advance for helping us in our quest.  We think that getting a beta out under the Netscape branded umbrella will wake a lot of the world up about mozilla.  The mozilla team has contributed a great deal of effort to the project, and we're hoping to be among the first companies to bring the results to the hands of many millions of developers and users. 

    Soon, it will be a beta.  That is how we always begin ;-)
    Feb 27
    Submitted by Martijn Pieters <>
    My initial forage into MVC has proven to be very fruitful. The MVC project will continue to discover the patterns and ideas for revamping Zope with an MVC architecture.

    In the near term, Digital Creations has started a project to quickly make progress on Mozilla clients (and others, such as XML-RPC and FTP) by decomposing Zope's programming interface. For more information and discussion on the Interfaces Project, see the Interfaces ZWiki web:

    This week, I will start defining the requirements and look-and-feel for Zope Studio. This will then also drive the requirements for the revamped Zope API.

    The current Zope Studio code is horribly outdated, and no longer works on current Mozilla builds. Maybe I'll have time again in the future to fix this, but for now, I'll be concentrating on a more formal development path.

    Feb 28
    Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>
  • Eric Vaughan increased box paint performance by 10%.  (evaughan).
  • Stuart Parmenter (pavlov):
  • Got application icons working on unix.
  • Got PSM starting on linux (bug 28944)
  • Fixed memory leaks and freed memory reads
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
  • Implemented property APIs for titledbutton
  • Implemented several new XUL widgets:
    • menulist - A dropdown listbox.  Comes in editable and non-editable varieties.
    • checkbox - A XUL-based checkbox.
    • radio - A XUL-based radio button.
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 75 bugs in the last week, including 25 PDT+, fixing 40 of them.  For details, see our resolved bug list.





  • Help fix/resolve/test/verify anyone's PDT+ bugs.
  • Keep bug lists triaged.
  • Nominate any new beta1stoppers.
  • pinkerton:
  •  28781 Back/Forward from context menu crashes browser, working with pnunn on this to track down the presContext leak causing the crash.
  •  29141Clicking on Bookmarks toolbar menu doesn't always open it
  • saari:
  •  26834 opened windows need sanity checks on size, position and visi
  •  29004 Pasting in location field gets disabled after a few times
  • hyatt:
  •  26109 implement <titledbutton> property API
  •  28856 No scroll in addressee block with more than 3 addressees.
  • evaughan:
  •  28460 Box layout does not provide consistent sizes
  •  27242 Problems with headers in message pane
  • pavlov:
  •   28100 Password dialogs don't show checkmarks
  • danm:
  •  28241 both Password and Open Web Location dialogs appear;crash on

  • Decisions

    Created a forum for discussion and review of UI design issues, but mostly for trying to resolve them quickly, to everyone's satisfaction.  The group met on Friday to tackle several long-standing issues, but it quickly became clear that the ownership of the UI was unclear, and we lacked any model for designing the UI for such a large suite in an open source manner.  We need a simple, minimal process for ensuring that design decisions are communicated to all who need to know, reviewed, and meet with approval.  To rectify this, we decided to meet twice a week, initially, to resolve the most difficult UI issues, much as the PorkJockeys meet to coordinate architectural design issues.  I took the liberty of calling the group 'PixelJockeys', which seemed to make its purpose more discoverable.

    Feb 28
    Submitted by Joaquin Blas <>
    This weeks priorities:

    All Team members will:
    • Work on PDT+ bugs as they come up.
    • Review, prioritize, triage M15 bugs
    • Akkana:
      • 0 - Open M14 Bugs
      • 19 - Open M15 Bugs
      • 0 - Open PDT+ Bugs
    • Charley:
      • Work on specs for editor.
      • 0 - Open M14 Bugs
      • 21 - Open M15 Bugs
      • 0 - Open PDT+ Bugs
    • Joe:
      • Work on perfomance, selection tracking and inline style code.
      • Update editor behavior doc to reflect where we are now.
      • 3 - Open M14 Bugs
      • 16 - Open M15 Bugs
      • 0 - Open PDT+ Bugs
    • Kathy:
      • Manage the team while Beth is on sabbatical.
      • Triage bug lists.
      • Travel to Mountain View on Thursday.
      • 0 - Open M14 Bugs
      • 17 - Open M15 Bugs
      • 0 - Open PDT+ bugs
    • Kin:
      • Pass off any hot issues on M15 bug lists to others before sabbatical.
      • Continue looking at performance problems that occur when replying to messages or pasting large amounts of data.
      • 0 - Open M14 Bugs
      • 18 - Open M15 Bugs
      • 1 - Open PDT+ Bugs
    • Mike:
      • 1 - Open M14 Bugs
      • 43 - Open M15 Bugs
      • 0 - Open PDT+ Bugs
    • Simon:
      • Work on performance.
      • 0 - Open M14 Bugs
      • 21 - Open M15 Bugs
      • 0 - Open PDT+ Bugs
    • 4 - Open M14 Bugs
    • 156 - Open M15 Bugs
    • 1 - Open PDT+ Bug
    • There are currently 241 open Composer bugs.
    • Akkana:
      • 19428: Copying from a document with a doctype specified.  Worked with Harish and Rick to come up with the best fix in the parser.  Also updated the output sink tests to catch this problem if it regresses, and fixed the test script on windows so windows people won't have an excuse for not testing.
      • 28279: Worked with Joe to fix the long-short-long-short plaintext quoting problem.  Plaintext mail should be working much better now!
      • Helped Kin investigate 24318 (stars not showing up in password fields), but it's getting harder and harder to make it happen, and the bug may end up being closed.
      • Spent lots of time eating dogfood, especially mail (which works pretty well but is very sloooooow), filing lots of bugs, commenting on and helping investigate lots of other bugs, particularly in mail compose.
    • Charley:
      • Fixed "Open Location" dialog problems, bug  28683 (took 2 rounds to fix all problems.)
      • Another "zombie" bug that took a few tries before it died was showing/hiding/enabling/disabling the "Properties" item in the Format menu, bug  28995 . Mac-only problem was because "oncreate" handler was not called (bug 29078).
      • Worked with Travis to debug and fix window resize problems in our dialogs ( 28985 ).
      • Reviewed lots of fixes by Joe for list editing and other dogfood editor rules problems, and helped test these.
      • Table editing work nearly completed , but decided not to checkin for Beta1 because of the size of the checkin. Instead I disabled table-related items that weren't finished (bug  28455 )
      • Met with PDT team to discuss checkin policies for UI-related fixes. Wasn't real pleased with the reception, but learned a lot about how to get bugs approved. It really helps to have the bug well researched and a "simple" fix in hand to get PDT+ permission.
      • Attended meeting started by Peter Trudelle about getting UI issues solved -- primarily discussed importance of making skinability the highest priority for M15. We will have regular meetings, similar to "pork jockey" initiative, to drive UI issues to completion during the comming weeks.
    • Joe:
      • Fixed and checked in the following beta 1 bugs: 27914, 27305, 28690, 14608, 27306, 28757, 28724
      • Worked with Mike to fix 23558 (windows only IME bug).
      • Worked with Akkana to fix a plaintext mail quoting bug.
    • Kathy:
      • Triage team bug lists.
      • Compiled team status report (major dogfood eating here).
      • Worked with Bij on proposal for upgrading PDT- bugs.
      • Fixed a bug.
      • Tested various fixes.
    • Kin:
      • Spent some time catching up on email and newsgroup postings, since I was out for most of last week.
      • Attended meetings in place of Beth.
      • Did some preliminary debugging (value add) on some bugs before passing them on to others.
      • Currently working on bug #28783 (Performance improvements for nsTextEditRules::WillInsertText) which affects pasting and replying to messages with data over 100K. Rewrote some of the rules code that broke the data into lines, so that it would use nsSubsumeString and offsets instead of  duping/splitting strings this shaves about 4 seconds off of the total time but there are still problems somewhere below the editor. Things would go much quicker if I could get Quantify to work. I've installed several times but it still quits even when running their hello.exe program. Spent about 30 minutes on line with Rational Tech Support which ended up with them suggesting that I download the 20mb update to Quantify 6.5 which should fix the problem ... it didn't. So I'm stuck trying to figure out the hotspots in the debugger.
    • Mike:
      • Fixed bugs: 28852, 13665, 14167, 29008, 15384.
      • Fixed problem in composer that was turning off selection when the find and spellchecker dialogs were shown.
    • Simon:
      • Checked in changes to nsLocalFileMac that were needed by Cartman, to launch applications and documents (bug 28271)
      • Lots of changes in the commercial tree for Mac Cartman; made a pass over a lot of the Mac projects, did build script changes, debugged quite a bit with Mark Welch (bug 19119).
      • Talked to hyatt and evaughan, finally getting a fix for the button state bugs 4774 and 14220.
      • Triaged a bunch of copy/paste bugs that are related to the commander stuff that I checked in last week, but turn out to be other issues (focus etc)
    • No candidates yet for the open req
    • Beth out on sabbatical 02/16 - 03/29
    • Kin out on sabbatical 03/06 - 04/17
    • Kin is working from home most of the week due to a family emergency.
    • Kathy will be in Mountain View from 03/02 - 03/09
    Feb 28
    Submitted by Phil Peterson <>
    • We have 11 bugs remaining for beta1
      davidmc - 23096 Crash when using port number with POP hostname
    • bienvenu - 28233 Reference parsing slowing down message threading,  26596 Non-Latin-1 chars sometimes don't work in IMAP folder names
    • alecf - 29168 Signature prefs get garbled
    • jefft - 28445/20366 Renaming IMAP folder not working right,  28301 IMAP mailbox flags not being stored/initialized 
    • rhp - 22090 Not encoding AppleDouble attachments correctly, 28868 Cyrillic page display is wrong when forwarding as inline
    • mscott - 23788 SMTP feature, 22960 Improve message display performance
    • sspitzer - 27984 "Last page visited" pref brings up waterson's home page, M15 work
    • hangas - Available to help. Otherwise will start on M15 bugs.
    • putterman - Available to help. Otherwise will start on M15 bugs.
    • chuang - 26070 pref-winsetting.dtd: reuseExp.label needs two lines, 27642 Javascript error when opening empty address book 
    • ducarroz - 28677 Performance problems replying to messages with a large number of recipients


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