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Last Updated Tuesday, February 1, 2000

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Friends of the Tree

  • : for his help with AIX/xptcall -- Jim Dunn
  • Tip o' the hat to <> for taking the time to make sure that a bunch of poorly-authored inbound bugs get triaged and assigned to the right people. -- Chris Waterson
Module Updates
Jan 21 and Jan 28
Submitted by Martijn Pieters <>
Hello all,

As you haven't heard from me for a little while, here is a little status report of what I've been up to.

First of all, I updated the Zope Studio and Zope Mozilla web pages, to reflect the status quo. I linked Shalabs Glossary. (Thanks! I don't know of a Zope glossary, and yes, your document will get converted to DocBook XML. I'll get to that after IPC8).

Secondly, I've updated Zope Studio itself. After a few sessions with Chris Waterson on IRC, we found a few bugs in Mozilla that need to be resolved in order for the Object Browser (that's what I call the current interface) to reflow properly in all cases. See bugs 24403, 24499, and 24546. The following URL will list them all:

Bug List

I have requested a 'ZopeStudio' keyword to be added to BugZilla, so that tracking bugs we need to know about becomes easier for us.

For one of the above bugs, I added a workaround, as suggested by Chris Waterson. When the others get resolved, refreshing will work better, and the 'polling' I do now will not be necessary anymore. Also, ZopeStudio will be able to give feedback on Not Found, Unauthorized, and other errors. I image we will use icons in the tree and details views for that.

When you now double-click an item in the details view, that is not a folderish type (shown in the tree), the old-style Zope management interface for that object is shown in a separate window. Just so's you can do _some_ work.

In the nearby future, when Ken has the time, CVS checkin messages will be sent to this mailing list. This so we can more easily follow what is happening. If the volume of these messages becomes to great, a separate mailing list, like zope-mozilla-checkins, is an option.

Shalabh, meanwhile, is experimenting with a properties interface, and will maybe use XBL for the widgets. Go Shalabh!

I will be present at IPC8, see you all there!

Status Update for Jan 28:

Hello all,

Not much has happened this past week, one small change to how the old Zope interface window is being opened, all due to the fact I am in Virginia this week for the Python Conference.

The conference was very exciting, very energizing, and I spoke a lot of people about Zope Mozilla. So, all those that saw the Object Browser there, now that you know what we're doing here, how about a hand?

Chris Waterson cleaned out on the Bugzilla entries, which are now marked by the 'zopestudio' keyword. If you want to review these, use the following URL:

The fixing of 24499 means Zope Studio can now be aware the status of the remote Datasources from the Zope Server, making the Object Browser more stable, and the reload functionality actually working. I'll be working on the code for that next Monday.

Something I want to experiment with, once done with that, is the reflection of changes in the RDF datasources _back_ to the Zope server. Chris Waterson pointed out some Mozilla APIs that might help with this.

Next week, I'll be at Linux World Expo in New York, where Digital Creations will have a sub booth at the Tucows booth. If you want to drop by and have a chat, please do! This does mean, that the coming week, again, not much actual work on Zope Studio is going to take place.

Jan 21
Submitted by Jim Dunn <>
  • Finally got browser running on AIX. It was a problem in xptcall
  • There is a crash on mail startup that is being looked at now.


Jan 24 and Jan 31
Submitted by Phil Peterson <>
  • 43 bugs fixed during M13 tree closure
  • Posted results of weekly UI meeting
  • Posted deeper regression tests for changes to tree/table code. Maybe this will expand into other areas to test?
  • Paul Hangas finally back from The Flu with a capital F.
  • Mail bug-o-rama coming planned for Feb 1.
  • Triage untargeted bugs into milestones
  • Start adding beta1 keyword to bugs which need to be fixed before beta 1. This distinguishes the real stoppers from the garden-variety M14 bugs that we could ship the beta without.
  • bienvenu - 24631 IMAP folder names have wrong case; breaks opening and filing, 23444 Move message from local to IMAP folder (reportedly) loses message
  • alecf - 19079 Account Manager changes not reflected into RDF, 24668 Crash clicking on Finish in Account Setup
  • jefft - 20366 Unsuccessful rename makes IMAP folder disappear, 24740 Need to implement namespace stuff for Imap account
  • rhp - 3979 Content-type charset of reply and fwd need to be that of original message, 20626, 20648 Bugs in quoting plain text messages
  • sspitzer - 24622 Local folders shouldn't have an identity, 12924 Authenticated NNTP
  • mscott - 24543 Crash expanding recipient list in message envelope display, 18312 Quoting of Swedish web page leads to infinite loop
  • hangas - 21151 Delete is disabled in thread pane, 24390 html:input styles in global.css are ignored
  • putterman - 24768 Move view navigation code into C++, 6873 Folder loading performance
  • chuang - 10870 Drag/drop filing of messages
  • ducarroz - 16924 Cannot set the focus on an invisible input element in a scrollable tree, 24072 Composer mnemonics are placing letters in the message

Status Update for Jan 31:


  • 55 bugs fixed last week. Particularly notable improvements:
    • Mail/News wizard now uses the wizard framework
    • Decided to incorporate Single Sign On into mail/news for B1.
    • Drag/drop of messages has landed
    • Authenticated NNTP works
  • UI meetings focusing on menus, especially in the compose window
  • Mail bug-o-rama on Tuesday 2/1 (y2k lab, 4-7pm)
  • Last week was a bad one for regressions.
  • Working on triage of M14 bugs, nominating beta1 stoppers using the beta1 keyword. Bugs marked M14, but not beta are considered "nice to have" for B1.
  • bienvenu - 7130 UTF-7 support in IMAP
  • alecf - 18184 Multiple SMTP server support, Front-end work for IMAP-specific prefs like 19248
  • jefft - 18565 Integrate mail/news with single sign on, 24740 Re-enable IMAP namespace code
  • rhp - 25637 i18n support for vcards, 25674 Email bodies are reported as 7bit even though they're 8bit
  • mscott - 21173 Set focus in window receiving a dispatched URL, 13405 Cache string bundles for performance
  • sspitzer - 25058 Single sign on for NNTP, A whole bunch of migration bugs (#14349 #14364 #14619 #18143 #24321 #19163 #24569 #25032)
  • hangas - 25496, 25139 Disable unimplemented commands and UI
  • putterman - 6873 Folder loading performance
  • chuang - 25354 Address Book support for additional columns
  • ducarroz - 25137 25566 Disable unused compose UI

Jan 24 and Jan 31
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>

Priorities for this week:

  • Bug list for M14
    • Akkana:
      • finish up on source formatting
      • change the text output sink to not recurse into option menus.
      • need to disable Javascript in editor, and try to get a clue how to do that.
      • 6 open bugs -- list
    • Kathy:
      • finish up saari's Mac Help menu bug
      • wrap up high ascii international bug
      • 7 open bugs -- list
    • Steve:
      • work through Kipp's bugs
      • 8 open bugs -- list
    • Charley:
      • will concentrate on page properties dialog and table editing
      • 6 open bugs -- list
    • Joe:
      • finish up & checkin work from last week
      • do the block transformation work
      • 15 open bugs -- list
    • Kin:
      • Finish modifications to nsGfxScrollFrame to enable showing vertical and horizontal scrollbars independently for bug #12825
      • 22 open bugs -- list
    • Mike:
      • bugs 12460  24332 (this is the bug I am working with kathy on, it's a problem with preference.
      • major one to work on: 23479
      • 11 open bugs -- list
    • Simon:
      • work on command updating
      • 13 open bugs -- list


  • Team resolved 47 bugs in the past week
  • Monday was a holiday
  • Tuesday, 1/18/2000, was M13 close date. Team focus was to resolve any loose ends for M13
  • Kin
    • fixed bug #24253 ([REGRESSION] Redo adds newlines instead of redoing)
    • helped Akkana find cause of bug #24414 ([DOGFOOD][REGRESSION] Selection follows mouse when no button pressed)
    • spent most of my time experimenting with various ways to fix bug #20387
  • Kathy
    • fixed M13 bugs
    • fixed M14 bugs
    • looked into saari's Mac Help menu bug
    • investigated adding doctype line but this will need a special API from Vidur
    • started working on adding http-equiv meta tag
  • Steve
    • reviewed Kipp's bugs
    • fixed M13 bugs
    • fixed M14 bugs
    • in MV for 3 days
  • Joe
    • worked with mjudge on our inability to select blank lines.
    • worked on safe selection remembrance to place holder txns (so selection goes to right place on undo/redo).
    • worked on redoing how inline style reporting is done for the toolbar so that it will actually work.
    • triaged bugs
  • Simon
    • checked in some infrastructure work for 18395
    • investigated the Edit page bug (24250) -- ended up being a Necko issue
    • fixed a couple of places that were calling nsISupportsArray methods and assuming that they returned an nsresult instead of a PRBool
    • found and fixed bug 24232 with brade
    • found and fixed bug 24392
    • found and figured bug 24545
    • helped out pnunn with some Mac image loading issues, discovered 6553 and tested it on Mac
    • worked on nsSound to make it not crash (24618)
    • tested prioritized timers on Mac (22979)
    • helped Mark Welch with some Mac build issues in the PSM
    • interviewed candidates for an open layout position
    • worked on some installer issues with jj
  • Mike
    • fixed more bugs for m14. memory leak most recently.
    • working on design and code for the generated content solution. I got nsRange to remember if before and after a start or end node should contain the generated content hanging off. collapse need to look at same bit. then the iterators can be done. then the real issue of event propagation, etc.
  • Charley
    • finished closing out bugs 7992 and 21410 (Color picker/setting background for table elements).
    • worked on table editing (bug 20973): Added code to account for rowspan=0 usage when inserting rows.
    • triaged m14 bug list
  • Akkana
    • worked on various aspects of source formatting.
    • checked in a partial fix for 22662, enough to make news usable for M13. Have a more sweeping fix ready for M14 which vastly improves formatting and moves a lot of the HTML utilities from the rules code out into static methods of a new class
    • worked with joki to get a temporary fix into M13 for 23669, the problem of mouse click events being handled out of order


  •  Replacement hiring for buster is going very slowly


  • Can we get the output sink auto tests added to the smoketest procedure, if not how about Tinderbox?
  • Waiting for replacement hardware for Kin
  • Waiting for replacement hardware for Beth


  • Beth on sabbatical 2/16 - 3/29
  • Kin on sabbatical 3/6 - 4/17

Status Update for Jan 31:

Priorities for this week:

  • Akkana:
    • finish up M14 bugs: more output issues plus disabling JavaScript in the editor.
    • 4 open bugs - list
  • Kathy:
    • will turn on Image Map editor
    • investigate drag-n-drop in editor
    • College recruiting at U. of M.
    • 5 open bugs - list
  • Charley:
    • implementing page properties dialog
    • continue to table features
    • 5 open bugs - list
  • Joe:
    • focus on getting the toolbar working: this means get font face feedback working, and get font smaller/larger working; continue block transform work
    • 9 open bugs - list
  • Kin:
    • focus on 17321 (24425 & 24835), 24318, 25029
    • 11 open bugs - list
  • Mike:
    • continue to work on generated content
    • working with Joe this week
    • 11 open bugs - list
  • Simon:
    • continue to work on command updating issues (18395)
    • continue to work on repeating, prioritized timers
    • 10 open bugs - list
  • TBD
    • pick up Steve's assigned areas

Past week Highlights:

  • Resolved 40 bugs this past week
  • Kin
    • code reviews for team members
    • debugged regressions - specifically auto-scrolling
    • debugged 25152 regression autoreg doesn't descend - handed off fix to dougt for checkin
    • debugged 25259 regression, can't type in editor- checked in fix
    • fixed 12825, 6544, 10665, 20387
    • helped Jerry Kirk (Photon port) track down crash
  • Kathy
    • fixed 20291, 21864, 24019, 24042, 24674
    • checked in Image Map code from King & Haddix, it is not turned on yet
    • debugged: 5716 (keybindings), 9767 (tooltips will not be in for beta1), 16315 (how to determine default charset)
  • Joe
    • fixed 5832, 25118, 25119
    • finished up "sticky selection across undo/redo" work (24573).
    • finished up toolbar feedback for bld/italic/underline (24574). But there are other issues that need to be resolved.
    • fixed some inline style functionality woes (see bug 24856).
    • fixed bug 24572 - cant get cursor between a split list.
    • code reviews and design bull sessions with various folks (mostly Akkana).

  • Simon
    • worked on command updating issues
    • worked on repeating, prioritized timers on the mac
    • fixed 24618, 24556, 24531, 24312, 25366, 24312
  • Mike
    • worked on resolving generated content selection issues
    • worked on keymapping issues
    • fixed 23868, 24163, 24773, 25314
  • Charley
    • fixed 25107, 24264, 7565, 25124
  • Akkana
    • 22662, 16720: Redesigned the editor's output formatting system.
    • split out some of the text/html edit rule utilities to a new class, nsHTMLEditUtils, so they can be used by both editor and rules classes.
    • 12560: Adjust plaintext output to suppress contents of SELECT elements
    • 18391: Worked with to remove MAX and MIN from the build


  • Steve has officially moved to the gecko team, bummer
  • (M14-M20) open bug count: 231


  • Kin's linux box is dying a slow death, it needs replaced, a replacement machine order is in
  • We are not getting a good response to our open editor engineer req, we really need to get somebody on board quickly.


  • Mike was out sick for a couple of days last week
  • Beth on sabbatical 2/16 - 3/29
  • Kin on sabbatical 3/6 - 4/17
Jan 25 and Jan 30
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>
  • Eric Vaughan rewrote the progress meter in order to remove the use of timers. (evaughan)
  • David Hyatt (hyatt):
  • Added the ability to set a fixed number of visible rows in a tree.
  •  Implemented nearly all of the anonymous content portion of XBL.
  • Moved the anonymous content specifications for menus and menuitems into XBL.
  • Enhanced the scrollbar XBL and trimmed some fat from nsScrollbarFrame.cpp.
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 119 bugs in the last week, fixing 48 of  these, including 5 PDT+.  For details, see our fixed bug list.
  • Priorities
        (current open bugs prefixed with a *)

  • pinkerton:
  • 24010 (pasting text into moz w/ correct platform charset)
  • 21223 (default popup location is incorrect)
  • saari:
  • *19973 Carets in every address bar
  • Move command dispatcher, help hyatt with XBL. This is for getting to bugs 12051, 14062, 23401, 23824.
  • hyatt:
  • * Get reviews for a slew of fixed bugs, and check them in.
  • 15946, 24132, and 20412 first... the popup bugs.
  • XBL bugs... most notably 25885, on which all the other XBL bugs depend.
  • evaughan:
  • Checkin dirty flag work and gfx list box
  • sdagley:
  •  17949 nsiFile
  • pavlov:
  •   23315 Browser crash to yahoo.

  •  24244  Upper part of long documents incorrectly drawn.
  • danm:
  •  15574 losing events to nonmodal dialogs on top of modal dialogs

  • Decisions

  • Mike Pinkerton is taking over responsibility for XPMenus/popups, including ownership of the bulk of the bugs.
  • Status update for Jan 30:


  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkerton):
  • Moved all d&d code out of navigator.js and bookmarks.js and into separate files and cleaned them up as part of preparing for fixing 24010.
  • Cleaned up d&d/clipboard sample code on website.
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
  • Implemented XBL event handling.
  • Converted input fields and textareas over to XBL events for keybinding.
  • Stuart Parmenter (pavlov):
  • Reduced X server traffic, eliminating several frequent round-trips.  This speeds up the product on linux greatly.
  • Pav also improved Linux scrolling performance.
  • Steve Dagley landed his nsIFile implementation for MacOS. (sdagley)
  • Chris Saari:
  • Fixed most of his caret/focus bugs, but has yet to close them all out due to problems with his LInux box.
  • Helped Kathy Brade get the Mac Help menu working.
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 99 bugs in the last week, fixing 49 of  these, including 7 PDT+.  For details, see our resolved bug list.
  • Priorities
        (current open bugs prefixed with a *)

  • pinkerton:
  • * 24010 feature: text/plain from an external app is restricted to ISO-8859-1
  • saari:
  • *Move command dispatcher to get to  12051: Focus not saved when switching between windows
  • 19973: Carets in every address bar
  • 14026  [DOGFOOD] Copy/Paste/Cut (etc) disabled within Browser
  •  23401  Page Up/Down does not work: XUL controllers clobbered?
  • hyatt:
  • Deal with the sender regression in mailcompose.
  • Deal with the FTP regression.
  • Finish the XBL conversion of XUL keybindings.

  • evaughan:
  • *Finish, test and land box workflow coalescing.
  •  23521[DOGFOOD]Scrolling thread pane in mailnews causes whole window to reflow
  •  20521 Scrolling before a page finishes loading wrecks havoc
  •  22512 Clicking just below scrollbar thumb moves thumb to bottom.
  •  24351 Glitches in the pref panel UI
  • sdagley:
  •  9620  [FEATURE] Filter by format Mac: Put filter in dialog
  •  9621  [FEATURE] Filter by format (mac) Specify file format
  • pavlov:
  •  * 20185 [DOGFOOD][PP] absolute position elements repaint wrong w/GFX scrollbars on
  •  *25553 No caret on Linux
  •  20496 [DOGFOOD][REGRESSION] Navigation Toolbar appears bad
  • Linux performance.
  • danm:
  • 19221 Dialog Modality: Event handling in modal dialogs works only if you don't abuse it, and we do abuse it. It's fairly easy, for instance, to put a nonmodal window in front of a modal one. Or to have two modal dialogs simultaneously active. These  things don't work well.
  • People
    • The XPToolkit team will be at an all-day offsite meeting this coming Wednesday, Feb 2.
    Jan 21
    Submitted by Adam Lock <>
    Dr. Miloslav Nic has done a very nice tutorial on XUL in Mozilla. Check it out at:

    He also has other tutorials on DTD, XPath, CSS, XML and more that are also very worthwhile to read.


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