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maintained by Christopher Blizzard <>

Last Updated Tuesday, January 18, 2000

This status update page is updated every weekend. To get updates and news throughout the week you are invited to check out mozillaZine, a site devoted to Mozilla advocacy.

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Friends of the Tree

  • I want to nominate Peter Mock as a friend of the tree. For almost two months I have been seeing a problem and no one else has been able to reproduce. After some extra effort on his part, he was able to reproduce the bug and describe the steps to see the problem as well as rule out some of the possible variables which might have caused/affected the bug. -- Kathleen Brade
  • I want to nominate John Ratke as a friend of the tree. Last Friday he volunteered to take over my work for one of my M13 bugs and he finished it up and looked into one of my other M13 bugs. -- Kathleen Brade
  • Patrick Beard performed massive surgery to the view manager fixing tons of bugs including menus showing through on unix, editor combo boxes drawing in to the sidebar, absolute positioned elements don't repaint on linux, and i'm sure tons and tons more. he rocks! -- Stuart Parmenter
Module Updates
Jan 17
Submitted by Syd Logan <>
nsISound is now working on MacOS, making using of QuickTime. Currently, it supports only wav files, but this can be changed by adding code to detect the sound file type, and passing the proper flags/arguments to QuickTime when calling it (similar to what the Linux/esd version of nsISound does currently). I plan to work on this problem at a later time.
Jan 17
Submitted by Jim Roskind <>
The most important update from my last week's status is that the M13 checkpoint freeze will take place late this Tuesday 1/18 night (rather than Monday night), at midnight Pacific time. The change was made to allow folks that had otherwise intended to do some work on Monday to make use of the Martin Luther King holiday. This change was communicated via news groups etc. last week.

The major impending goal is therefore the M13 checkpoint release. The goal is to:

  1. enter the freeze at midnight Tuesday 1/18 with absolutely zero M13 bugs;
  2. quickly remove any major regressions/crashers etc. sitting in the tree;
  3. be in a position to branch M13 on Friday.

If you are sitting on any M13 bugs that are not major regressions/crashers, and you won't be able to (or have to) fix them for M13, *PLEASE* *PLEASE* *PLEASE* move them to M14. Our ability to shut down M13 relies on being able to see what simply *MUST* get done, and additional noise (re: extra M13 bugs) on the radar makes that nearly impossible.

With some probability, M13 will become a Mozilla alpha, but I'm not the one to make that call. The goal within Netscape is to have M14 be good enough that it can be an alpha or beta, and Netscape engineers are working hard toward that milestone (re: an alpha or beta candidate). If you'd like to help get Netscape's flavor of the mozilla browser into hundreds of thousands of hands (perhaps millions) RSN, then please work with us on this M14 target.

Thanks in advance for any/all help clearing noise of the M13 radar, finalizing M13 quickly, and getting M14 to an alpha/beta candidate level!! ;-)


-- My views are mine, not Netscape's --

Jan 17
Submitted by Jim Dunn <>
Shane and I have been cleaning up the HPUX bugs and builds. We tracked down a couple of issues and continue to keep it building. Shane has been working on getting the Netscape build going; tracked down some security issues and got the security build going in his private tree. I have been working on getting AIX running (still!).

Working on:

  • ( AIX issues on startup with XPTCall_Invoke. Asking for help
  • ( NS Commercial build


  • (
  • ( Several of slamm's warnings having to do with shadowing previous variables.

Need help with:

ZopeStudio / ZopeMozilla
Jan 17
Submitted by Martijn Pieters <>
ZopeStudio is an attempt at using Mozilla technologies for the construction of a Zope Server management tool and IDE. This week saw the birth of the first setup of such a tool, in the form of a simple object browser.

The project is still in an experimentation phase, no design goals have been set yet, let alone a project schedule.

The project home page and more information is available at

Jan 17
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>
  • Daniel Matejka provided for  window positioning and sizing to be made sticky, though other bugs still prevent its working on Linux.  (danm).
  • David Hyatt (hyatt)
    • Enabled XBL docs to be parsed and loaded.
    • Implemented basic anonymous content rules for XBL.
    • Converted the scrollbar to use XBL for its anonymous content.
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 83 bugs in the last week, fixing 42 of  these, including 5  PDT+.  For details, see our resolved bug list.

    (current open bugs prefixed with a *)

Mail / News
Jan 18
Submitted by Phil Peterson <>
  • Fixed 73 bugs since last status report.
  • Mail performance getting steadily better. Last week it was message display. This week, it's the thread pane, especially sorting. We're getting pretty close to the beta 1 goal of being within 2x the performance of 4.7
  • The tool for importing 4.5+ address books into mozilla is up and working. Still more work required to integrate it into mozilla.
  • Context menus starting to appear in the thread pane
  • Regressions. At least three of the last five working days saw mail/news not working in the first morning build. We all really need to run the precheckin tests.
Jan 18
Submitted by Christopher Blizzard <>
This week we saw the announcement by the Sun-Netscape Alliance that they will be contributing the source code for their public key infrastructure (PKI) source code to

They plan on releasing the source code to their security libraries which contain two seperate components, the Network Security Services (NSS) and Personal Security Manager (PSM), to the Mozilla code base.

There is a FAQ available and a project page for the Mozilla PKI project.


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