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Last Updated Tuesday, August 10, 1999

This status update page is updated every weekend. To get updates and news throughout the week , I invite you to check out mozillaZine, a site I maintain devoted to Mozilla advocacy.

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Friends of the Tree

Terry Weissman , for fixing various bonsai and tinderbox problems. - Seth Spitzer

Robert Ginda contributed extensive work to make XPCOM classes and interfaces enumerable from JavaScript, and added lots of helpful documentation to the XPCOM sample component. - Mike McCabe

Andrew Wason submitted numerous fixes to Rhino's JavaAdapter feature.

Module Updates
August 9
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  1. Assisted in getting Necko working (all).
  2. Resolved 61 bugs in the last week, see our  Bug List  for details.
  3. Good progress on Mac dynamic menus, with some assistance still coming from Apple. (saari)
  4. Modal dialogs should now be working properly using Necko, except for occasional failure to load contents on GTK. (danm)
  5. Chrome flags in story straightened out and nearly finished. Currently bringing them back into line with W3 spec and precedent, haven't yet done "modal". (danm)
  6. Scott Collins has contacted the W3C XForms subgroup as the XUL representative, and presented a brief overview of XPToolkit work, which they really like. (scc)
  7. Chris McAfee implemented HTTP form submission (POST) in Necko. (mcafee)
  8. Chris McAfee and Scott Collins both put on the tin badge this week, and served as Sherriff with distinction.  (mcafee, scc)
  9. Eric Vaughan made substantial progress on box performance, usability, and reliability. (evaughan)
  1. Fix remaining M9 features and showstopper bugs.
  2. Finish chrome flags, including "modal". (danm)
  3. Figure out what the heck is wrong with the gtk story. (danm)
  4. Land GFX scrollbar integration in to Gecko. (evaughan)
  5. Make splitter draggable. (evaughan)
  6. Fix the tab widget. (evaughan)
  • Chris McAfee will be transitioning to the XPApps team, where he is sorely needed.  We'll sure miss him on XPToolkit, and wish him well.  He'll finish up his work on Drag & Drop and Clipboard before leaving.
August 8
Submitted by Mike McCabe <>

Robert Ginda (of JSBot fame) has contributed a comprehensive series of patches to allow enumeration of available XPCOM interfaces and classes from JavaScript using the for .. in syntax. Rob sniffed around for an interesting feature that hadn't been implemented, learned about it (creating excellent documentation in the process), and worked with module owners to implement it in a clean and extensible way. Fantastic job! This has made it very easy to test XPCOM components from JavaScript, and, not incidentally, exposed a lot of bugs... :)

We've created an XPConnect FAQ, which is rapidly growing in size and usefulness.

dp has created a proposal for defining loaders for XPCOM components. This is more of an XPCOM news item, but - it paves the way for XPCOM components implemented entirely in JavaScript.

TenThumbs contributed many warning fixes.

Mikes Ang and McCabe are continuing to work on xpidl bug fixes and warning improvements.

Java in Mozilla
August 6
Submitted by Akhil Arora <>

From Akhil Arora:

"The Java DOM API has landed. It can be found at mozilla/java/dom. Instructions are in mozilla/java/dom/README."

August 6
Submitted by Akkana Peck <>

This week, the editor group has been focused on two things:

1. Fixing usability problems (see, and please file new bugs, with [DOGFOOD] in the status line, on important usability issues which aren't covered there yet);

2. Changing the editor APIs to be cleaner and more easily extensible -- see postings in the mozilla-editor newsgroup for more details.

August 6
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>
  • Attachment UI hooked up in Compose window means you can now send Attachments.
  • New Address Book dialog lets you name your new address book.
  • Signatures work, including HTML signatures.
  • Hooked up throbber in 3 pane
  • Empty Trash and Compact Folder on IMAP
  • Lots of work converting HTML files to XUL and making XUL files use DTD's.
August 6
Submitted by Troy Chevalier <>

Nothing much interesting in layout. We talked about the table reflow command changes, that's the main work. I also added a "frame manager" object that provides a service for mapping from content to frame (and out-of-flow frame to placeholder frame), and acts as a broker for pending structural modifications to the frame model.

August 6
Submitted by Chuck Boatwright <>

"miodrag released a 4.0 beta version of the Java LDAP SDK." Read the news item.

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