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Last Updated Sunday, August 15, 1999

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Previous Updates

Friends of the Tree, - great analysis of compiler warning logs to turn up a large number of potential infinite loop problems though out the code. see "...speaking of compiler warnings" thread in n.p.m.builds - Chris Hofmann

Dan Brickley has been a superstar at whacking our RDF document tree into order - Chris Waterson

Module Updates
August 13
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • Resolved 79 bugs in the last week, see our  Bug List  for details.
  • Completed most planned M9 tasks, see recent progress reports and the M9 feature tracking list for details.
Lowlights Accomplishments
  1. Eric Vaughan made good progress integrating GFX scrollbars into Necko. He is tracking down one remaining bug, but we are deferring landing this until M10 in order to allow more time for thorough testing. (evaughan)
  2. Dan Matejka added modal dialog support from JS. (danm)
  1. Help xpapps with dialog issues. (evaughan)
  2. Make splitter split. (evaughan)
  3. Add alignment to boxes. (evaughan)
  4. Fix collapse in boxes. (evaughan)
  5. IDL''ify d&d stuff. (pinkerton)
  6. Drag start event. (pinkerton)
  7. Fix d&d/transferable api's once and for all. (pinkerton)
  8.  To complete the basic re-architecture of XP popups, tooltips, and context menus. (hyatt)
  9. Tree widget bugs. (hyatt)
  10. Tree widget scheduled tasks. (hyatt)
  11. Get dialogs working in all situations. They are especially squirrelly on gtk, and when called from certain places in the code, as reported in my M10 bugs.  (danm)
  12. Keybinding bug fixes. (saari)
  13. XPMenus ahoy. (saari)
  14. I18N transferable issues. (pavlov)
  15. Finish Linux D&D for M10. (mcafee)


August 13
Submitted by Suresh Duddi <>
August 13
Submitted by Chris Waterson <>

"Two projects announced this week:

1. Z39.50 and RDF integration, see here. was announced by

2. "Bookie" (collaborative bookmarking) was been announced by; see this newsgroup post.

Dan Brickley has been a superstar at whacking our RDF document tree into order.

XUL "template" documentation is online here.

An updated RDF "back end architecture document" has made it to online.

Several amazingly useful RDF/XUL test cases have flowed in over the past two or three weeks from and Wow! Somebody _is_ actually using this stuff!

August 13
Submitted by Troy Chevalier <>

Not much to note. Kipp is reducing the amount of stack space that the block/inline code uses. I'm working on optimizing table incremental reflow

August 13
Submitted by Mike McCabe <>

Mike McCabe has our XPConnect update:

"XPConnect - I recently checked in changes to the xpidl compiler to verify the scriptability of methods within interfaces marked [scriptable]. This should provide one more assurance to people adding scriptability to their XPCOM interfaces. See my post to .xpcom for details. Also drop in to .xpcom for several lively debates."

August 13
Submitted by Mike McCabe <>

Mike McCabe has our Javascript update:

""Howard" Xuhua Lin has been helping out with tests and patches for the Rhino ImporterTopLevel class that provides a convenient shorthand for using Java classes from JavaScript. Roger Lawrence has been working on changes to Solaris xptcall to support the 5.0 Sun Workshop. Roger has also been fixing bugs in the regular expression support for the Rhino (Java) and Spider Monkey (C) JavaScript engines."



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