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status update

maintained by Chris Nelson <>

Last Updated Sunday, Jun 13, 1999

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Module Updates
June 14
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  1. Fixed 7 bugs in the last week, see our Fixed Bug List  for details.
  2. Keybinding is in pending approval of RDF changes, but hindered by bug #7650 (fix in progress). People can still start using it, they just can't use modifier keys yet, at least on MacOS. It may work right on other platforms, haven't tested yet. (saari)
  3. Dynamic hide/show of menu bar is done. (danm)
  4. Backwards-compatible bar support done, needed for finding and hiding button bar, location bar, status bar, etc. (danm)
  5. Removed (obsolete) nsDialog implementation and usages from the widget and webshell directories. (mcafee)
  6. Basic XP Scrollbar widget is in, and ready for Gecko to integrate. (evaughan)
  7. Converted: ToolbarCore, ToolkitCore, BrowserAppCore, DOMPropsCore, CookieCore, ProfileCore, and WalletCore into components. (scc)

  1. Make nsITransferrable (and thus clipboard and d&d) scriptable.  (pinkerton, scc)
  2. OpenDialog from C. (danm)
  3. XBeep() (sdagley)
  4. Linux Drag & Drop. (mcafee)
  5. Integrate scrollbars into build. (evaughan)
  6. Make toggling titledbuttons.  (evaughan)
  7. Make dialogs size to content.  (evaughan)
  8. Convert refsCore, RDFCore, SignonCore, and EditorAppCore into components and merge with the current tree. (scc)
  9. Fix remaining M7 bugs. (all)


  • Dynamic hide/show of titlebars appears not to be possible, and is not known to be a requirement, so we have tentatively decided to drop it. If anyone really needs it, and/or knows how to do it on all platforms, let us know. (danm)


June 11
Submitted by Suresh Duddi <>

Suresh Duddi has this update regarding XPCOM:

Component Registry separated from the current global registry. It now exists in

<exedir>/component.reg (unix and win)
<exedir>/Component Registry (mac)

Files obsoleted by xpcom2.0 landing removed from the tree.

June 11
Submitted by Scott Furman <>

Scott writes:

"No new status this week, but I wanted to mention a JavaScript talk that our very own Norris Boyd will be giving at the upcoming JavaOne conference. Norris will be enlightening the unwashed masses about Rhino, the JavaScript-written-in-Java implementation that is freely available on"

June 11
Submitted by Phil Peterson<>

Phil Peterson has our Mail/News update::

This week

  • These started to appear this week: Send Unsent Messages, marking news read, cross-posting news, address picker.
  • Work in progress, but invisible: Undo delete messages, LDAP integration, biff (check for new mail), filtering
Next week
  • M7 bugs to zero (or real close) by Tuesday.
  • MIME emitter footprint reduction
  • No more tree breakage!
Footprint watch
  • About the same as last week. Win32 a little bigger, Mac and Linux a little smaller.
  • Win32: 800k
  • Mac: 1584k
  • Linux: 1794k
June 11
Submitted by Akkana Peck <>

Our Editor module update is from Akkana Peck:

  • Ender text control work still on track for inclusion in M7.
  • Lots of transaction manager work, to make transactions scriptable. See the editor newsgroup for more information.
  • Backend work on block transformations, and lots of discussion in the newsgroup regarding typing rules for block transformations; meanwhile, work is proceeding well on the code to implement editing rules.
  • More work on various dialogs, such as the horizontal rule dialog.
  • The beginnings of Insert HTML, though there are lots of bugs.
  • Migrated the editor app core to XPIDL.
  • Middle mouse paste goes to the mouse location now.
  • Work proceeding on bugs related to XIF encoding (which show up primarily in saving to files and in the debug functions OutputHTML and OutputText).

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