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Last Updated Sunday, March 21th, 1999

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Friends of the Tree

David Gardiner has contributed a patch to Bugzilla that makes the query page much nicer. It uses JavaScript to automatically adjust the version and component lists whenever you select a product. (If you don't have JavaScript, the page works exactly as before.) Way cool! Thanks! --TW

Jason Heirtzler of SGI, for getting the build working on Irix with egcs (see We're still waiting for the nspr changes to be checked in. --AP

Bruce Mitchener is a clear "friend of the tree". He ran UMR and reported problems. Rode a lot of people to fix their warnings Sent questions and constructive criticisms to people about their code. Also went hog wild again at the end of this week posting many patches to netscape.public.mozilla.patches on Friday. -- JM & CH

Module Updates
March 19th
Submitted by Kipp Hickman <>

Kipp Hickman has this week's NGLayout update.

"Fixed numerous bugs related to inline box handling. We now pass some nasty (nasty!) css tests done by the amazing David Baron and Ian Hickson (bug #1990 and #1278). Also did some work to speed up rendering on linux. Also did some work to improve font matching on linux."

March 19th
Submitted by Akkana Peck <>

Here's Akkana's update on the status of the editor (composer):

"More work on stability and basic plaintext editing functionality for M3. Begin work on html editing functionality for M4."

RDF and HT (HyperTree)
March 19th
Submitted by Chris Waterson <>

Chris Waterson writes in with this RDF update:

Lots of meetings this week, so not a lot of code got written (by me), but RJC did some cool stuff.

  • A "find" data source is coming on-line that'll be able to grovel through all the datasources (like the "find" dialog on Mac).
  • Warren has some cool ideas about unifying scriptability and RDF; we spent a lot of time talking about that.
  • We're slowly creeping towards datasource-level scripting "for real".
  • Dan Brickley did some great house-cleaning on the RDF docs (
Milestone 3
March 19th
Submitted by Chris Hofmann <>

Milestone 3 builds and tarballs should get pushed out sometime before Monday, there will be details posted to the netscape.public.mozilla.builds newsgroup, along with a webpage. Release Notes that provide addtional information will be posted under

March 19th
Submitted by Daniel Nunes <>

Daniel Nunes has M3 news:

" M3 bits will be pushed sometime before the end of the day monday. More documentation will follow, and announced in the netscape.public.mozilla.announce and .builds newsgroups."

March 19th
Submitted by Phil Peterson <>

Phil Peterson has news regarding the Mail/News client:

This week

  • M3 requirements for Win32 were met. See the smoketest doc for details.
  • Mork DB implementation can write DBs, and is really close to reading them too (the in-memory part, separate from I/O, has been running for a while).
  • Linux build is up and running, but not included in Tinderbox yet.
  • Mail composition using Ender is running on the Mac.
  • Posted plan for migrating mail/news user data from 4.x to 5.0.
  • Landed restructured MIME code, with work on separating parsing from generation, and work on separating header display from body display.
Next week
  • Mac and Linux builds of mail/news to be added to Tinderbox.
  • Seth Spitzer (re)joins the mail/news group to work on Linux.
  • Forging ahead on M4 work. See the milestone plan for details.
  • Some UI specs to be posted to mozilla. Probably message composition and multiple accounts will come first. Watch the newsgroup for announcements.
  • First look at new toolbar icons (work in progress) from the User Experience group.
Footprint watch. Folks seem to like this, so we'll keep doing it until they start complaining. Last week we were at 1,380,352, so this is ~5% growth. RHP is going to look at the vCard converter to find out why it's so big.
Mail/News disk footprint (optimized code on Win32)
What is it?
How big is it?
mailnews.dll Main mail/news stuff (app core, data sources, DB code, etc.)
msglocal.dll POP3, local mail
msgcompose.dll app core for message composition
mime.dll MIME parser
mimect-cal.dll MIME converter for vCal
mimect-vcard.dll MIME converter for vCard



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