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Last Updated Tuesday, March 2nd, 1999

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Module Updates
March 1st
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • Checkins and lots of new and updated documentation delivered this week seems to have unblocked most people waiting to use the XPToolkit.  If you disagree, and are still waiting, please let us know so we can unblock you too.
Accomplishments Decisions
  • XUL will be case-sensitive (not really a decision, we didn't know XML required it), using lowercase, as used in the HTML in the W3C working draft Reformulating HTML in XML .
  • AppRunner is suffering from bit rot, with unpredictable instability, especially on Mac & Unix.
  • Mac & Unix folks are still having to spend way too much time fixing builds & regressions, and in trying to avoid getting clobbered by them.
  • MacOS menus performance is pretty much screwed if we choose

  • to dynamically build at user click time rather than making gradual changes to the model/view over time. Chris Saari is trying to get some feedback from Apple as to how to deal with this.
  • Scott Collins is planning to be onsite starting sometime soon after March 17.
February 26th
Submitted by Akkana Peck <>

Here's Akkana's update on the status of the editor (composer):

"We have an editor testbed now!

apprunner -url resource:/res/samples/EditorAppShell.xul

brings up apprunner already in edit mode, with some composer-like toolbars. Note that most of the toolbar and menu items aren't hooked up yet, and the testbed's stability and performance is subject to apprunner vagaries.

Meanwhile, Edit->Copy has been hooked up for Unix; work has been proceeding on changing attributes (e.g. toggle state); a collection of new dialogs have been checked in to editor/dialogs; work continues on getting the caret hooked up on Unix and Windows; and the nsIHTMLEditor interface has been created."

February 26th
Submitted byDan Veditz <>

DanVeditz writes in with this update:

  • still negotiating with the security folks about whether to allow unsigned installs and how to do so safely.
  • After being one of the early adopters of the DOM idl compiler, now we're discussing implementing the software update objects directly in JavaScript along the lines of the old "libmocha". This work was partially done on the "Classic" codebase, and seems to be about the only way we can implement something at all close to the old 4.x SmartUpdate API given method overloading and arguments passed to constructors.
  • performing massive code review on the current code to make sure we're not carrying cruft over from 4.x (complicated by a hurried conversion from Java to C++)."

February 26th
Submitted by Troy Chevalier <>

Troy writes in with this update:

"Mostly bug fixing from Kipp and Chris.

I've been working getting tables to split when we're paginated. Now basic splitting of row groups and rows works. I also added support for replicating the table caption. I'm now working on replicating of the table header and footer frames."

February 26th
Submitted by Phil Peterson <>

Phil Peterson has news regarding the Mail/News client:

"This week

1. Porting to new apprunner and command semantics

2. Sending mail using a plain text composition window, the mail backend, and SMTP

3. Dependencies between RDF, XPFE, and mail/news mostly broken (except on Mac where there are Registry issues). Now anyone can build by pulling /mozilla/mailnews and using the (Linux) or (Win32)

4. Adding Win32 mail/news to a test Tinderbox build this weekend

Next week

1. Bring up mail news on the real Tinderbox, and Linux too.

2. Real data in the thread pane, hopefully from MORK, but if not, we'll fake up data under the MDB layer

3. More work on toolbars and menus in XUL for three pane window

4. First life of commands routed from XUL to data source

5. Read Prefs from 4.x

6. XPConnect-heavy (Brendan's JS-to-C++ calling mechanism using IDL) for unit testing


1. Still tracking for first real mail functionality by March 12

2. Feature planning to begin in earnest, and in public, soon

3. Some folks returning from vacation next week

4. Mac PPC officially added to "in" platforms list for Messenger, joining Win32 and Linux"

Grendel (Java Mail/News client)
February 26th
Submitted by Giao Nguyen <>

Giao has this update for us:

"Busy week for us Grendel hackers. Preference dialog box is up and running. No more hacking the preference file manually for mail configurations. News interaction is in! This completes the mail bits and the news bits. Check out the screenshots from Edwin to get an idea of how far along Grendel is. It's quite spiffy.

The next step for us is to get the interface working flawlessly. This means dialog boxes, handling errors, message displays, message bodies, attachments, etc.

For the next week (and beyond):

  • I'm finishing up UI elements.
  • Multiple personality configuration.
  • Signature selection.
  • News configuration.
  • Drag and drop things.
  • Edwin is working the truly useful stuff.
  • Getting news bulletproofed.
  • Trying to figure out what the deal is with attachments.

Jeff's getting back from his trip to California so he'll be playing catchup for a little while.

There are opportunities for non-coding types to get a better looking signature icon than the currently existing one. Hint hint. "

February 27th
Submitted by Scott Furman <>

Scott writes:

" XPConnect is working on Linux x86 and passing all the same tests it passes on Win32 - calling both directions, all supported param types, in and out params. However, all interface methods are hard-coded until the typelib-reading code is working.

Work has commenced on XPConnect error-handling and reflection of XPCOM-related registry entries into JS, i.e. ProgIDs and services."

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