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Progress Meter Requirements

Written by Eric Vaughan
Last updated 2/24/99


A Progress Meter is a very simple UI object which displays the percentage complete of a given task, or in the case where the length of a the task cannot be determined, an animation to demonstrate the task is not yet complete.


  • Must support 2 modes. One mode where the time of completion is known and the other when the time to completion is unknown.



    progress.gif (1163 bytes)

    (Note: This is not the final look that will be determined later by the UI team)

  • There must be a method of setting and getting current the mode.
  • There must be a method of setting and getting the current percentage complete.
  • Percent must be an integer value between 0 and 100.
  • The way to access the state of the progress meter should be through the DOM


Building on top of the Progress Widget.

The progress widget by itself is very simple. It might be useful to build a progress dialog on top of this as well. However this may be a project for XPApps.

It would probably have the following features:

  • Option to be modal or non-modal
  • Some message text that can be displayed
  • Cancel button

Other additions might be a convenience function to interface easily with Netlib but a case can be made that this is out of the scope of the Toolkit.