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maintained by Christopher Blizzard <>

Last Updated Monday, December 13, 1999

This status update page is updated every weekend. To get updates and news throughout the week you are invited to check out mozillaZine, a site devoted to Mozilla advocacy.

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Friends of the Tree

  • ported XPConnect to Linux/PPC. -- Chris Waterson

  • Jim Nance has been working on some profiling tools. You can read about it or visit the web site -- Chris Waterson

  • Vidur ( gets "co-AIX Friend of the week" for helping me fix the kungfugrip checkin. -- Jim Dunn

  • Christopher Seawood ( gets "co-AIX Friend of the week" for fixing the problem the problem that he introduced over the weekend.. -- Jim Dunn

  • Jason Grace ( gets) "HPUX Friend of the week" for his HP stack tracer. (we are planning on checking it in after the tree opens). -- Jim Dunn

Module Updates
Dec 6
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>
Priorities for this week:
  • International development support by the entire Ender team when needed and when necessary
  • Wrapping up remaining DOGFOOD PDT+ bugs
  • Bug list for week of 12/6/99: (bold denotes highest priorities)
    • Akkana:
      • 18033 & 18046
      • 20603
    • Kathy:
      • begin M13 bug review
      • code reviews
      • review Composer functional spec
    • Steve:
      • 16409
      • 19123, 18500, 11291
      • 12089 & 10578
      • webshell work as needed
    • Charley:
      • 20694
      • 19473, 20822
      • checkin table editing work
    • Joe:
      • 20457

      • addition to the rules api that lets us do some rules-like things pre- and post-operations, this is especially critical for publicly accessible
        api points in nsEditor (like InsertNode)
      • making sure all deletions go through the rules
      • tracking of document-changed ranges when deleting
    • Kin:
      • 20524
      • 13927
    • Mike:
      • 18046, 19981
      • 19242
    • Simon:
      • 19954
      • 18395
  • 62 editor bugs were resolved this past week
  • 10 open M12 bugs, 8 are PDT+
  • We have a total of 244 open bugs (M12-M20)
  • Kin
    • fixed 20107, 19541, 20358, 13927 - all dogfood bugs
    • did code reviews
    • helped with 20524
    • have fix for 20106, waiting on code review
    • helped triage bugs
  • Kathy
    • reviewed composer func spec
    • code reviews
    • localizing key bindings
  • Steve
    • fixed 20170, 2253
  • Joe
    • fixed 20205, 19130, 16715
  • Simon
    • fixed 16813, 19954
    • fixed a bug in NSPR's Mac library loading routines
    • fixed some runtime problems caused by fragment name conflicts
  • Mike
    • set up meeting with vidur, kin, troy, akkana on generated content -- bug 12460
    • working with shaver on global selection
    • found that I will have to do all the key binding work myself,  this will be difficult since he is not really qualified in JS or in the access thereof.  he will make a .js file for anyone that wants to override the keybindings and will place the access to this .js file in a new service accessed from nsPresShell
    • fixing the problems with triple clicking on mac
  • Charley
    • fixed PDT+ 13695, 18529, 6256
    • did other UI work -- cleaned up format and table menus
    • added new color picker buttons
    • worked on page properties, bug 14344
  • Akkana
    • spent a lot of time on 18033
      • 18046 -- checked in nsISelectionController.idl, wrote glue and stub routines
      • wrote JS, editor and editor shell implementations to call the selection controllerstub routines and hooked up Unix platform key bindings
      • 20348 cleaned up the default key handling code in nsEditorEventListeners
    • 20253 20246, 19515 tracked down the problems, and they are now fixed
    • 18714: Helped Rich Pizarro track down some problems with html mail quoting
    • 20603: tracked down the causes and came up with a fairly straightforward fix
  • none at this time
  • Kathy will be in MV the first week in December.
Dec 10
Submitted by Jim Dunn <>
  • Status
    • AIX: Got AIX building again, have lots of changes in my tree to fix recent problems.
    • HPUX: HP team has updated gtk to 1.2.6 on salerno & siena and has mozilla running on 10.20 in addition to 11.00
  • Bugs Fixed
    • 20330 - HP 10.20 build with gtk 1.2.6 libs doesn't run
    • 20933 - HP mozilla crashes in nsBoxFrame::LayoutChildrenInRect
    • 21051 & 21136 - HP (build tools)
  • Escalations
    • AIX: We need to get a AIX 4.3.2 tinderbox. I am working with IBM to get a replacement for coolaix.
  • M13
    • AIX: Get mozilla running, which requires finishing the xpt work. Still trying to get help from IBM.
    • HPUX: Get OJI working
Dec 10
Submitted by Duncan Wilcox <>
Mozilla on BeOS is progressing, and we're keeping it building (our build is usually green at

We're not blocked on anything specific, we have a few different crashes to investigate. Under favorable circumstances Mozilla starts up and is mostly functional, except for networking. Our NSPR sockets layer is suboptimal, and also hard to get right, so Necko has exposed a bunch of problems in it. That's the primary source of crashes currently.

We're going to rewrite a piece of Necko to be multithreaded, it should live better with BeOS' sockets and might in fact be interesting to other platforms too. Matt Zahorik is going to lead the multithreded nsSocketTransport coding. If anbody who has experience with Necko internals wants to help, we'd love a hand.

Project status can be followed at and netscape.public.mozilla.beos, anybody's free to jump in and give us a hand on the BeOS specifics.

Dec 10
Submitted by Syd Logan <>
nsISound was changed to accept URIs, and now works on windows, soon on Linux, and looking for someone to do the Mac implementation...
Dec 11
Submitted by Chris Hofmann <>

cyeh and mcafee brought "autobahn" into service this week as the world fastest linux tinderbox build and leak monitoring system.

Its a 550 mhz quad processor fire breathing mozillian provided for evaluation by dell computer and purchased by aol. The folks at dell have also been tremendously helpful in optimizing and tuning the system to cycle tinderbox builds as fast as possible. cyeh sez the cvs checkout frequently took longer than the clobber build process in some of the tests that he ran, and he's anxious to look at Jim Nance's recent cvsParallelUpdate script to cut even more time off the linux tinderbox cycle.

cyeh is off next to work with namachi to tackle some talkback server performance problems and help the process of incoming blackboxes and to add more reliable and better reports to the postings in the crash-data newsgroup.

he also has the next round of Mac tinderbox hardware upgrades on order and arriving soon from apple.

Bi-Di Support
Dec 11
Submitted by Erik van der Poel <>

Mike Kaply of IBM has announced the formation of a team to help implement bidi in Mozilla. Bidi is short for bidirectional. Languages such as Arabic and Hebrew are written mostly right-to-left, but often have left-to-right pieces of text such as numbers and English interspersed.

Jonathan Rosenne also forwarded a message from the Hebrew SIG of the Israeli Internet Association, whose first meeting will address Hebrew and the Internet, with Mozilla as the first priority.

Franck Portaneri forwarded a page that had information on the Mozilla Language Enabling Feature Arabic/Hebrew (Bi-Di) project. This page also has some excellent general resources on Bi-Di support.


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