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Last Updated Monday, December 6, 1999

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Friends of the Tree

  • A big thanks to for submitting such great bug reports and helping in improving mail! -- Lisa Chiang

  • Yes, seconded. He's submitted 31 bugs so far! -- Phil Peterson

Module Updates
Nov 19
Submitted by Norris Boyd<>
Enabled configurable security policies. These allow users to group sites under a named policy and then set what actions sites from that policy will be able to do. See
Nov 29
Submitted by Peter Trudelle<>


  1. Eric Vaughan fixed enough of the known GFX scrollbar bugs to be able to turn them on by default, which of course uncovered several more previously unknown bugs.  He also worked with Rod Spears to change the list box to use GFX scrollbars. (evaughan, rods)
  2. David Hyatt implemented skin switching and locale switching on a

  3. per-profile basis.  He also wrote up some new doc on how to write CSS and
    XUL to be skinnable (posted only on XPFE newsgroup as  Skins Doc right now).  Dave has windows refreshing when skins change too, but wasn't able to check it in due to tree closure just before the holiday. (hyatt)
  4. The XPToolkit team resolved 26 bugs in the last week, fixing 11 of them.  See our  resolved bug list below for details.
    (current open bugs prefixed with a *)
  1. pinkerton: * 9701 nsWebShell Need to set focus in new windows

  2.                  18409 Pasting from clipboard causes extraneous characters
                     19571 dragging text/plain data sometimes has garbage
  3. danm: *13695 Window close box needs to call JS close routines 
    *18518 Need support for notification when a window has received something new
  4. saari: *19268 Focus problem with iframe breaking Delete button
    Unblock mjudge with an ESM change, expose currently

  5. focused PresContext.
  6. hyatt: Fixing all of our unskinnable XUL and CSS: *19555  *19556  *19557  19558  19560  19561

  7. The skin switching UI (now that the code is in)
  8. evaughan: *Finish GFX listbox work. Currently trying to get them up and

  9. running, then plans to pass them back to RodS to finish. 
    *19376 problems making new bugs with gfx scrollbars
    *19142 Styles broken with gfx scrollbars
  10. sdagley:  17949 nsIFile not implemented.
  • Stuart Parmenter and Steve Dagley were on vacation this week, both returning next week.  (pavlov, sdagley)
Dec 5
Submitted by Peter Trudelle<>


  • Eric Vaughan  (evaughan):
  • Fixed 6 PDT+ bugs.
  • Mike Pinkerton (pinkerton):
  • Checked in a temp fix for drags w/in ender leaking out to the world, but kicked bug back to buster because of  Ender-specific weirdness/problems.
  • Added setDataWithLength() to nsISupports[W]String to better streamline semantics of when clipboard/d&d data is null terminated.
  • Mac/Win32 now convert platform line endings to dom line endings on d&d/clipboard.
  • Fixed 5 bugs, one a PDT+.
  • Stuart Parmenter  (pavlov):
  • Made scrolling significantly faster (with Brendan Eich).
  • Worked with Patrick Beard  to resolve issues of overpainting areas
  • Fixed 5 PDT+ bugs.
  • Chris Saari  (saari):
  • Fixed 4 bugs, one a PDT+.
  • David Hyatt (hyatt):
  • Implemented enumeration of installed skins, packages, and locales.
  •  Improved tree scrolling a bit (incremental progress on  PDT+ bug 9489).
  • Daniel Matejka (danm): Fixed some more window-closing bugs, one PDT+.
  • Steve Dagley  (sdagley):
  • Fixed 1 PDT+ bug
  • The XPToolkit team resolved 50 bugs in the last week, fixing these 31:

    ID Owner Summary 
    20538 danm Can't close windows
    13695 danm [DOGFOOD] Window close box needs to call JS close routines
    14782 evaughan [dogfood] mousing over links causes massive reflows when sta
    18877 evaughan [dogfood] Crasher: Travelocity login
    19541 evaughan [Dogfood] Browser jumps to top of page seconds after scrolli
    19376 evaughan [DOGFOOD] problems making new bugs with gfx scrollbars turne
    20161 evaughan [DOGFOOD]Crashing in delete in nsBoxFrame
    19736 evaughan [DOGFOOD] Die and exit in nsBoxInfo destructor
    4799 evaughan scrollbar drag doesn't extend to side
    13571 evaughan [PP] Layout/springs problems in pref panels
    12687 hyatt sched: need component specific chrome registry support
    17731 hyatt crash closing bookmarks window after scrolling
    12146 hyatt [xpmenu] crash on exit processing straggling key event
    20354 hyatt [Tree Regression] When resizing the columns only headers get
    19572 pavlov [DOGFOOD] Scrolling is really screwed up
    4290 pavlov MLK: 40 bytes leaked- nsRegionGTK from nsViewManager
    20209 pavlov [DOGFOOD] https: crashes on phonebook
    11101 pavlov [DOGFOOD] Garbage bits under XP menus
    17062 pavlov [PP][perf][DOGFOOD]IMAP and POP performance in has regressed
    13131 pavlov repainting everything between progressmeter and throbber
    13407 pavlov [DOGFOOD] gfx text fields scramble when scrolling
    18409 pinkerton [Dogfood] Pasting from clipboard causes extraneous character
    20066 pinkerton sched: Rewrite null termination semantics for clipboard/D&D
    19571 pinkerton dragging or copying text/plain data sometimes has garbage at
    19542 pinkerton [DOGFOOD] [CRASH] Changing order of bookmarks crashes browse
    20449 pinkerton [Mac] scrolling of fixed positioned elements is broken
    18905 saari [CRASH] Pressing ENTER key crashes browser
    17385 saari opening this URL causes JavaScript failure on WinNT SP#4 usi
    14476 saari Context menus pop up in wrong location
    18983 saari [DOGFOOD] html forms picking up carets for each field with t
    20558 sdagley pr_Mac_LoadIndexedFragment calls pr_UnlockedFindLibrary() wi


  •  Changing requirements and XP interfaces have delayed Steve Dagley's implementation of nsLocalFileMac (formerly known as nsIFile for Mac).



        (current open bugs prefixed with a *)

  • pinkerton:
  • *20228 Can't change locale provider with the registry.rdf'
  • Help with or take any open PDT+ bugs.
  • danm:
  • * 18005 Leave mail window for a long time, GetMsg, crash
  • Help with or take any open PDT+ bugs.
  • saari:
  •  *20225 Need focus from eventstatemanager
  •  19268 Focus problem with iframe breaking Delete button in Mail
  •  18222 Paste into form  pastes to wrong place
  •  20519 key events getting through to editor key listener
  • hyatt:
  • * Implement an arena + recyclers for nsFrames (should help tree

  • scrolling)  9489 tree scrolling  through msg thread is slow
  • evaughan:
  • *12122 overflow property within XUL == disappearing content
  • Finish gfx-based listbox work (PorkJockeys)
  • sdagley:
  • 17949 nsIFile not implemented
  • Help with or take any open PDT+ bugs.
  • pavlov:
  • MouseWheel Support
    Nov 30
    Submitted by Brian Ryner<>
    Mousewheel support is now done in windows. Website
    Dec 2
    Submitted by Dawn Endico<>
    We have some new documents on the web site.

    From Matthew Tuck a list of commonly requested features compiled from the wishlist newgroup.

    From Daniel Howard a map of the source tree describing the contents of each directory in the seamonkey tree. and from Hervé Renault, a French translation of this document.

    From Matthew Thomas, a new, improved front page for bugzilla.

    From Tina Ornduff, an updated version of the Mozilla Plugin API guide.

    Dec 3
    Submitted by Daniel Nunes <>
    Mac and windows both have installers now.
    Dec 3
    Submitted by Phil Peterson <>


    • Fixed 41 bugs
    • Posted results of weekly UI meeting
    • Candice Huang back from sabbatical, so we're at full strength again
    • Ben Bucksch continues to be a friend of the mail/news tree. This week, he and rhp are landing code for 19251.
    • Sspitzer to land code which changes our folder picker to use a <menu> instead of a <select> which should make our folder menus much better.
    • Fix remaining dogfood stopper bugs (currently 11). If you haven't marked a date for completion in the status whiteboard, please do so.
    • Ramp down PorkJockey architecture work now that we're at M12.
    • M12 bugs which are not dogfood will be pushed out on Monday. M12 checkin deadline is Tuesday 12/7 at 11:59pm
    • davidmc - 10837 Import tool for 4.x address books
    • bienvenu - 20607 Can't see messages in Inbox, part-time on 19165 Crash starting application
    • alecf - 20508 Crash after expanding folders and scrolling, 20608 Second account suddenly gone
    • jefft - 20230 Subject, Sender, date columns are messed up, 20312 Mozilla Mail stalls on specified popmail spool
    • rhp - 20564 Clicking in thread pane crashes, Helping to land 19251 Improve URL recognizer for mail messages
    • mscott - 20546 Can't load a message in the message pane, 14928 URL dispatching
    • sspitzer - 15483 Problems disabling remember password, 20656 Problems migrating news servers
    • hangas - 15127 Command updating and dispatching
    • putterman - 20634 Thread view out of sync, 20607 Can't see new messages in Inbox
    • chuang - going to pick up some dogfood bugs on Monday
    • ducarroz - 20614 Compose window can't be closed after using address picker
    • Regressions (like 20707) continue to cost a lot of time, but the mail/news sheriffs are staying on top of the problems.
    Dec 4
    Submitted by Christopher Blizzard <>
    Cleaned up a lot of code this week after the superwin landing.

    Fixed some leaks that were introduced at that time of widgets that were never refcounted down because they Destroy signal was missed.

    Closed the following bugs:

    • Client crashes if you close a dialog in its JS onload handler. bug #19302 ( blizzard )
    • Japanese characters you are typing cannot be seen. bug #15496 ( erik )
    • Window close box needs to call JS close routines. bug #13695 ( danm )
    • repainting everything between progressmeter and throbber. bug #13131 ( pavlov, beard )
    • need consistent shortcuts for accessing threads. bug #18078 ( dougt )
    • bugzilla query page looks terrible. bug #18801 ( blizzard )
    The following bugs are still open:
    • Linux D&D - Start/End Drag bug #9632 ( blizzard )
    • GTKMozilla in webshell/embed/gtk is busted. bug #20396 ( blizzard )
    • Copy and Folder