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Last Updated Wednesday, November 17, 1999

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Friends of the Tree

  • Vilya Harvey of NAG Ltd has contributed code for the <msqrt> tag, the lizard can now show the zeros of a second degree polynomial! -- Roger B. Sidje

  • benb <> for helping to fix bug 18940. -- Seth Spitzer

  • I'd like to thank Chris Nelson who started the weekly Status Update column a year ago. This week he's stepping down as Status Update editor. We appreciate all the work he's put in to this. Over the past year he's done a great job keeping everyone informed. -- Dawn Endico and everyone here at
Module Updates
Nov 11
Submitted by Roger B. Sidje <>
The GetBoundingMetrics() interface and code have landed in GFX. In conjunction with this landing, the support for the Symbol font that Erik did on windows was landed and is now available. (On Linux, the symbol font is still in #ifdef MOZ_MATHML -- over to Erik to default it, the CSS font-family bug fix has to be defaulted as well).

Do a search for GetBoundingMetrics in LXR to see how it is entangled in GFX. The support for the Symbol font on Windows is a big work which is best appreciated through a diff (Bonsai).

The log messages on Tinderbox read:

GetBoundingMetrics() added in nsIRenderingContext and associated changes elsewhere (platform-specific) to support its implementation. Fixes for existing bugs discovered while doing the implementation.

  • Details for gfx/public:
    API of the GetBoundingMetrics() method for accurate measurements of a string in order to allow precise positioning when processing MathML.
    review: Erik, Shyjan.

  • Details for gfx/src/ps:
    Empty hooks to make the code compile while awaiting implementation.

  • Details for gfx/src/gtk:
    Shyjan Mahamud 's changes to enable the symbol font on Linux, as well as the fix for the CSS font-family bug, and the computation of the bounding metrics.
    review: Erik, rbs.

  • Details for gfx/src/windows:
    Erik van der Poel 's code for the support of the Symbol font.
    review: Shyjan, rbs.

    My changes to DrawString to use the baseline as the reference point and changes aimed at computing the bounding metrics.
    review: Erik, Shyjan

Thanks to Vilya Harvey of NAG Ltd who contributed code for the tag, the lizard can now show the zeros of a second degree polynomial!

Now, for the msqrt tag to work in general, support for the stretchy sqrt symbol is needed. But looking at the glyphs in the Symbol font, it doesn't seem to me that a stretchy sqrt can be built by parts with what is provided there. Glyphs that can be piled together to get a tall sqrt are not there and so one has to draw the the v-branches of the sqrt symbol explicitly. Is this true? Or am I missing something?

Nov 14
Submitted by Ben Goodger <>
This week I have
  • nearly finished basic advanced edit dialog for editor
  • begun some UI tidy-up for prefs and smartsearch

In the coming week(s) I hope to:

  • continue prefs tidy up
  • find and kill any UI work that needs attention for beta.
Nov 16
Submitted by Jim Roskind <>
The big thing this week is that M11 is freezing, and will be posted RSN.

The big focus now is on handling what we call "dogfood" bugs. They are defined by having the word "dogfood" in their summary (supplied by the submitter, or the person handling the bug), and having received a "PDT+" approval in the Whiteboard field (supplied by the Product Delivery Team, a bunch of pointy headed folks here at Netscape). The status indicates that the bug is critical to day-in-day-out usage of the product, including surfing, and reading/writing email.

Our goal is to get down to a mere 5 PDT+ dogfood bugs by 12/15. This is a challenging goal indeed... and the critical effort in house is to focus on the current 100+ such bugs (while landing the last parts of architectural infrastructure proposed by the porkjockey effort).

In all cases, we'll next have a stability freeze on 12/6, which will lead to an M12 checkpoint release.

Bottom line: If folks want to help the effort, they should search for PDT+ dogfood bugs, and try to make suggestions, or debug the problems.

Assuming we reach dogfood, we'll then proceed to go into a roughly bi-monthly beta release cycle (with the first beta happening about two months, modulo Xmas and New Years) after we reach dogfood. Those bi-monthly betas will continue until the product is cooked... but I can't make public FCS announcements... I just work here.

Nov 12
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>
  1. Chris Saari landed a set of major changes in focus, fixing numerous problems.  (saari)
  2. Chris also fixed some regressions in keybinding.  Some individual bindings may still be broken though. (saari)
  3. Daniel Matejka got popup widgets working in modal windows. (danm)
  4. Eric Vaughan finished the GFX scrollbar work.  (evaughan)
  5. Eric also  reimplemented box on top of linked list instead of vector so it can contain more that 100 children. (evaughan)
  6. Mike Pinkerton has gotten drag & drop to the point where it should be usable for dropping on trees now, please report bugs against anything that still doesn't work.  Drag feedback on trees is also much improved.  (pinkerton)
  7.  Mike also fixed dragExit events to be correctly handled on toolbars, and correctly fire on the Mac when the mouse leaves the window.  (pinkerton)
  8. Mike also corrected the hardcoded native Mac system colors, thanks to a table of the correct colors compiled by (pinkerton)
  9. Stuart Parmenter got native system colors working on Unix. (pavlov)
  10. Pav got drag and drop almost working on UNIX.... but blizzard's SUPERWIN branch breaks most of it...(pavlov)
  11. David Hyatt fixed some tree scrolling bugs, and another bug where columns were required (17966?) (hyatt)
  12. Resolved 37 bugs in the last week, fixing 18 of them.  See our resolved bug list  below for details.

(current open bugs in bold)

  1. danm: 16310, 18005, 17065
  2. evaughan: checkin new box implementation (18345), finish pork jockey work of removing clip view from scrolling views.
  3. pinkerton: document D&D usage (13363, 13364, 13365); eliminate errant dragGesture events 11291
  4. pavlov: D&D bugs 9642, 9643; help blizzard land SUPERWIN branch;  fix images drawing through menus (bug 16018); fix windows not being able to be made smaller on unix after they are shown (17936)
  5. saari: Menu positioning 9454, fix any remaining keybinding problems, bug 9701
  6. hyatt: Chrome registry 12687, help Alecf with trees.
  7. sdagley: nsiFile, help Scott Furman with Mac-specific cache tasks.
  • Inadequate development hardware is still causing lengthy build times, and hence checkin delays, especially on secondary platforms.
  • Dan Mosedale has kindly offered to help Pavov with the remaining Linux Pork Jockey work.  Thanks Dan! (dmose)
  • Ben Goodger starts his internship for XPApps on Monday!  He's not on the XPToolkit team, but we are pretty excited.
  • David Hyatt has been on vacation since Thursday, returning Monday. (hyatt)


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