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Last Updated Thursday, November 11, 1999

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Friends of the Tree

  • Andrew Stone <> has contributed code to address bugs 8330 and 17694 - Steve Dagley
Module Updates
Nov 5
Submitted by Phil Peterson <>


  • 52 bugs fixed
  • URL dispatching work is starting to come together
  • Download footprint (mail.xpi on Win32): 798k
  • UI meeting minutes posted
  • What we're working on
    • davidmc - 10837 Import 4.x address books to mozilla, finishing up MDB logging
    • bienvenu - 18005 Crash after leaving IMAP window open for a long time, 18108 Only update IMAP sent folder when it's open
    • alecf - 12895 Need to scroll tree to a specific item, 13483 Tree/scroll bar crash
    • jefft - 6904 Expunge IMAP folders containing \deleted messages on shutdown, 6413 Logout of IMAP folders when connection is interrupted by user
    • rhp - 17034 MIME-encoded headers are quoted without decoding, 17770 Bugs in sending multipart/related messages in a multipart/alternative wrapper
    • mscott - 14928 URL dispatching, 17065 Stall opening IMAP inbox
    • sspitzer - 17954 4.x local folders not migrated for IMAP users, 15093 Crash with different mail start page
    • hangas - 17895 Address book contents don't display, 17988 Address book crash
    • putterman - 12846 Make threaded view work, 17712 Rearchitect biff notifications
    • ducarroz - 17983 Plain text reply doesn't quote the message, 15682 Forwarding disobeys plain text setting
  • Regressions are still sucking a lot of time, but we're starting a rotating "regression sheriff" for mail/news so people can more easily plan their time.
November 7
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • Mike Pinkerton made good progress on drag & drop, you can now drag bookmarks window from 5.0 to 4.x and watch them load.  He also got rudimentary drop feedback on tree views, and on the personal toolbar.
  • Resolved 46 bugs in the last week, fixing 24 of them.  See our resolved bug list  below for details.
  • Regressions are costing a lot of time.  Focus testing is affected, and keybindings have apparently broken again.
  1. Stuart Parmenter fixed scrolling of really large pages by clamped down sizes drawing rects on unix to avoid overflows when scrolling (thanks dbaron) (bug 2564)  (pavlov)
  2. Pav also got regions scriptable on unix (used by DND) (bug 12465) (pavlov)
  3. Pav also got twips to pixels conversions right finally, hopefully. (pavlov)
  4. Chris Saari has been hammering out remaining issues with focus, getting ready to land. (saari)
  5. Chris also helped Paul Hangas hunt regressions with overlays. (saari, hangas)
  6. David Hyatt helped Chris Waterson make some more signficant performance gains in secondary web pages, through 'brutal' sharing of content. (hyatt, waterson)
  1. evaughan:  Work on making dialogs look better.   Pork Jockey paint issues
  2. Hyatt:  12687 Chrome registry .
  3. Saari: Menu positioning, and fixing anything that is blocking Paul Hangas.
  4. Fix bugs, PorkJockey, Blocker, PDT+, M12. (all)
Current Open Bugs
Ender (Mozilla Editor)
November 8
Submitted by Beth Epperson <>


  • 35 editor bugs were resolved this past week
  • We have 30 open major bugs for M12 bugs, 17 are PDT+
  • The team resolved numerous M11 bugs, several PDT+ bugs, and a few of those annoying little issues.
  • Check this one out from Akkana:
    • Helped Naoki fix the editor paste routines to understand kUnicodeMime, which uncovered a cascade of regressions which I spent most of Friday tracking down: first, there was a crash (18102) in the plaintext editor (which turned out to be due to a change in XUL event listeners); once that was finally worked around (by a change to not set up the nsInterfaceState in the case of a plaintext editor, during which Simon and I discovered that mEditorType in the editor shell is never set correctly and anything which depends on it is doing the wrong thing), I discovered that someone had disabled the calling of PasteAsPlaintextQuotation and InsertAsPlaintextQuotation (so that even the plaintext editor does html quotations, having nothing to do with the editor shell's mEditorType being set to html); after fixing that, I discovered that someone else had "fixed" Insert/PasteAsPlaintextQuotation to use a new string class but hadn't actually bothered to test them, and they didn't work at all. I'm continuing to work with Naoki to get the code rewritten so that it all works.
  • >From our ever optimistic buster: "the Margarita Blend-Off is a joke, clearly the san diego team will crush all opposition!"


  • The current open bug count for the editor team is 251.


  • Kin --
    • fixed 17882 ([CRASH]), 17891 ([CRASH]), 16871 (spellcheck)
    • worked with akkana and pavlov on bug 13407
    • tracked down cause of dogfood blocker bugs 18002 and 18006, checked in temporary fix and filed bug 18092 for the real cause of the problem
    • closed 16631 ([DOGFOOD])
    • working on bug 16286 ([CRASH])
    • created a "whotobug" page for the team

  • Kathy --
    • reviewed changes by cmanske, ftang, and others
    • continued to work on bug 13438
    • helped joki with his M11 bugs

  • Steve --
    • webshell work: implemented nsIWebShell::SetDocument(). This allows clients (like the text control) to hand the webshell a pre-fabricated document, rather than incurring the cost of nsIWebShell::LoadURL() which involves calling necko to spin a thread for loading about:blank, the speedup looks to be about 30%
    • started work on detailed webshell task list. This will help us integrate a third person to help out.  maybe rick potts!
    • fixed 17792, 17729, 17689 ([DOGFOOD][BLOCKER]) & 17727 ([dogfood])
    • made significant progress on 14599 & 12646
    • helped resolve bugs 16709, 18019, 18044

  • Joe --
    • fixed 14 bugs this week: 14430, 16434, 17673, 16361, 16724, 16855, 12677, 14343, 14071, 15696, 15734, 14197, 14626, 16905
  • Simon --
    • checked in fixes for 18029 & 16723 - error handling in imglib. This required a change to the nsIImage API, which was implemented on all platforms.
    • got code coverage tool working nicely, and collected code coverage data for startup (which show that we get on average 30% coverage for startup and first window).
    • wrote Perl script to parse Mac link map files, and code coverage output, to generate code coverage data at the DLL, file and function level.

  • Mike --
    • changed focus to work on stylesheet reflection of selection.
    • took several bugs off of saari's plate so he can focus on keybindings
    • checking in fix for 12958

  • Charley --
    • finished rewriting the Image Properties dialog
    • fixed 17098 & 17808
    • debugged 18039 ([M11 Blocker] [CRASH]) - this one now belongs to rods

  • Akkana --
    • checked in fixes for 7275, 16285 & 15204 (HTML entity fixes)
    • spent most of the week working with two outside contributors, Daniel Bratell <> and Ben Bucksch <>, on fixes to the plaintext output sinks, wholly or partially fixing 13278, 13442, 17823, 17824, 13753, and 12551.  Checked in Daniel's changes; Ben's changes are waiting until M12 as the collaboration continues.
    • tracked down key event regression (return/enter stopped working) and checked in a fix for it.
    • discussed issues blocking the implementation of platform keybindings (bug 18033)


  • International development support by the entire Ender team when needed and when necessary
  • Getting those PDT+ bugs off the list
  • Next week:
    • Kin: 16286, 18092 & 17989
    • Kathy: reviewing PDT+ bugs, will give bug numbers shortly.
    • Steve: 13374 (Webshell), 10683 & 14599
    • Joe: 12073 & 16481, and will provide IME support
    • Simon: full code coverage analysis of the DLLs that are loaded at startup, look for ways to reduce the amount of unneeded code loaded at startup and bug 5085
    • Mike: 18046 & 12958
    • Charley: 14344 & 14342, working with UI team to resolve global CSS needs
    • Akkana: 18102, 17341 & 18100 -- and pitch in to get key bindings moving (work toward bug 18033); continue to work with Daniel and Ben on plaintext output fixes (17871, 17883).


  • Simon is continuing to work with Porkjockey effort, editor tasks are on hold
  • Steve is working on webshell rewrite, other editor tasks are on hold


  • Akkana will be off on Nov. 15
  • Charley will be on vacation Nov. 15-17
  • Steve will be on vacation Nov. 22-24
  • Kathy will be in MV the first week in December.

Ender Team Members:
Kin Blas
Kathy Brade
Steve Clark
Beth Epperson
Joe Francis
Simon Fraser
Mike Judge
Charley Manske
Akkana Peck


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