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Last Updated Sunday, October 31, 1999

This status update page is updated every weekend. To get updates and news throughout the week , I invite you to check out mozillaZine, a site I maintain devoted to Mozilla advocacy.

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Module Updates
Java DOM
October 29
Submitted by Akhil Arora <>

Igor Nekrestyanov has implemented support for DOM Events based on the current DOM Level 2 working draft.

October 29
Submitted by Phil Peterson <>


  • New skins landed, look great, and post-landing performance improvements help a lot
  • Newsgroup names in folder list are abbreviated nicely (e.g. n.p.m.mail-news)
  • 57 bugs fixed!
  • UI decision meeting covered behavior of attachments menu in message display pane, strategies to save space in folder pane but still show unread message counts.
  • What we're working on right now
    • davidmc - Adding logging code to MDB API.
    • bienvenu - 12491 New messages filtered into a folder do not appear, 12016 Need Stop button in mail/news
    • alecf - Picking up tree widget porkjockey work: 13483 Tree/scroll bar crash, 12895 Need to scroll tree to a specific item
    • jefft - 16540 POP prefs not being heeded
    • rhp - 10232 Image attachments corrupted when UUEncoded, 17481 Can't view a particular message
    • mscott - 17065 Stall opening IMAP inbox, 14928 URL dispatching
    • sspitzer - 16457 Can't send mail through a particular SMTP server
    • hangas - 16395 Mopping up new skin work, 15127 Command updating and dispatching
    • putterman - 12846 Make threaded view work
    • ducarroz - 17463 Reply to newsgroup crashes, 17414 Error sending intl web page from browser


  • Public enemy #1 is bug 16709 which is causing the compose window to lose recipients
  • 68 bugs marked for M11 (which is Tuesday, so this is too many)
  • Next week, we need to work on the UI for biff notifications since the Alerts panel is cut. We also need to get better about posting the results of mail/news UI meetings.
  • Need to look closely at memory usage (besides leaks). Our memory footprint is 4-5x larger than 4.7
Memory Management/Leaks
October 29
Submitted by Chris McAfee <>

Tinderbox is reporting leak status now, it runs a small test and keeps track of stuff allocated and leaks. (me, warren, slamm)

October 29
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>


  • David Hyatt and Chris Waterson have been making great strides on Brutal Sharing, with several huge performance wins.  It seems like every few minutes they are shaving another 100 ms off of the time it takes to load second and subsequent windows, and have even reduced the loading time for the first window, an unexpected bonus! (hyatt, waterson)
  • Mike Pinkerton hosted a Mozilla developer chat on MozillaZine today, focussing on Mac issues.
  1. The XPToolkit team resolved 23 bugs in the last week, fixing 15 of them.  See our resolved bug list for details. (all)
  2. Daniel Matejka helped John Marshall get a Mozilla app usable for an upcoming demo.  (danm)
  3. Eric Vaughan fixed visibility tab control bugs as well as making a style so people can see the selected tab. (evaughan)
  4. Mike Pinkerton resurrected drag & drop on toolbars, and made it so you can drag items from personal toolbar in 5.0 into 4.0 and they will be loaded. (pinkerton)
  5. Chris Saari made good progress on Focus, resolving the last remaining issue of getting a blur event to fire when you click outside the app.  This exposed a bunch of other bugs though, so he'll have to retest on the three major platforms before landing all of these changes early next week. (saari)
  6. Chris also checked in the fix to make Mac popups not steal activation. (saari)
  7. Chris also Helped everyone come to a consensus on the Way and the Light of the key event spec. (saari)
  8. David Hyatt, assisted by Stuart Parmenter,  rearchitected the chrome registry to use fragments instead of loading a big table, a performance win. (hyatt, pavlov)
  9. Dave and Pav also taught the chrome registry how to handle dynamic overlays. (hyatt, pavlov)
  10. Dave also worked with Chris Waterson to implement a global style sheet cache. (hyatt, waterson)
  11. Dave also worked with Paul Hangas and German Bauer on CSS and XUL structure for the new UI. (hyatt, hangas, german)
Currently in progress
  1. DanM: 17351, 16551, 14131
  2. Pinkerton: 13463, 11828, 9657, 9658, 11291, 11824, 13363, 13365
  3. Pavlov: 1004, 2564, 14284
  4. SDagley: nsIFile implementation for Mac, 17558
  5. Saari: Focus/Cmd Dispatching
  6. Hyatt: Brutal Sharing, and criminal neglect of the keyboard.
  7. Evaughan: GFX scrollbar bugs
  1. Pork, PDT+ Dogfood bugs, Blocker bugs, M11 bugs, M12 bugs. (all)
  2. GFX scrollbar bugs. (evaughan)
  3. Keep hammering away on Brutal Sharing with Waterson as long as they see wins to be had. (hyatt)
  4. Keep working with Hangas on the XUL and CSS for the UI. (hyatt)
  • What with all of the notifications for the forest of dependency bugs, Bugzilla is now accounting for about 90% of all the SPAM some of us get.  We have already proposed limiting these notifications, and have asked Jar to help reduce them, but if anyone can help with this we'd be much obliged.  Thank ya kindly.
  • As you can see by the list of accomplishments above, Dave Hyatt found plenty of collaborators this week. Heartfelt thanks to all involved, you are really saving our butts, as well as Dave's hands, which btw are finally starting to feel a little better!


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