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Feature Test Spec: Mail and News Component

Mail and News Component: Message Filters: General UI

Written by Laurel Carlson


This testspec is intended to cover testing the general UI properties, aesthetics, content for User Created Message Filters with an overall look for mail and news oriented selections. Functionality of the filter feature is broken into separate testspecs focusing on individual feature related topics.


Mail/news UI specs on Mozilla:

  1. Filter messages accessible from:
    1. 3 pane mail/news window
      1. Edit menu
      2. Account Central page (page which displays when server/account level selected)
    2. standalone Message window
  2. Main Filters Dialog:
    1. Should default to mail/main Inbox if no selection
    2. Should launch to default account if selected account is not filter-capable (AOL)
    3. Should launch with selected scope based on selection
      1. Mail server/account level
      2. Mail folder
      3. Mail message
        1. thread pane
        2. message pane
        3. message window
      4. News server/account level
      5. Newsgroup
      6. News message
        1. thread pane
        2. message pane
        3. message window
    4. Scope dropdown list should show and be able to make selection from full server/folder/group hierarchy
    5. List of existing filters available:
      1. should be empty on initial access
      2. slider/scrollbar appears upon sufficiently populated list
      3. should be able to order the filters in the list: up/down
      4. Switching to other scope/folders/groups refreshed dialog correctly as well as it's list
      5. Clearly marked which filters are disabled and which are enabled
      6. Clear method to turn filters on and off
    6. Clearly marked button/other method of creating new filter -- "New" button
    7. Clearly marked button/other method of editing an existing filter -- "Edit" button
      1. should be disabled if no filter selected in list
    8. Clearly marked button/other method of deleting an existing filter --"Delete" button
      1. should be disabled if no filter selected in list
    9. Cancel provision
    10. OK/commit provision
    11. Main dialog Tab order
    12. Main dialog mnemonic access (not implemented -- bugzilla bug 40761)
  3. Filter rules subdialog:
    1. More opens additional criteria lines
    2. Fewer displays one less criteria line (disables on minimum single line)
    3. Dropdowns for all criteria operable on each criteria line
    4. Criteria accessible easily and clearly displayed
    5. Filter actions accessible easily and clearly displayed
    6. Filter action value dropdown changes or is hidded based on action chosen
      1. Move to Folder (default) shows default account
      2. Move to Folder opens to full folder hierarchy when pulled down
      3. Move to Folder shows account name and folder after being selected, lasts through exit
      4. Change Priority displays value dropdown showing list of priority values
      1. Mark Read has no value dropdown displayed
      2. Delete has no value dropdown displayed
      3. action list and values display refreshes properly when switching among the choices
    7. Each value criteria is selectable and operational.
      1. can type values in text or integer fields
      2. can select each item in dropdown lists
      3. Date criteria changeable (Note: date control widget not implemented -- bugs 90289 & 92174)
        1. by date widget
        2. by typing replacement value
    8. Mnemonics (Note: not implemented, bug 40761)
    9. Tab order
  4. Other/Misc tests:
    1. Filter dialog and its subdialogs moveable around screen
    2. Subdialogs close when main filter dialog closed
    3. Exit Communicator with search dialog open -- should either exit gracefully or bring dialog to foreground:
      1. open to main dialog only
      2. open to subdialog
  5. Migrate filters:
    1. Make sure 4.x filters migrate, are shown in ui for 6.x
    2. Check to make sure values are transferred correctly for valid 6.x criteria:
      1. enabled/disabled state preserved correctly
      2. same criteria still specified
      3. folders specified as destinations
      4. text strings in criteria value boxes
      5. custom headers (newly implemented, bugzilla bug 16902)
    3. Check handling of 4.x criteria, values, actions which are invalid for 6.x:
      1. date criteria, values
      2. status criteria, values (status criteria not implemented in 6.x, ref: bugzilla #40472 -- will be applicable if After-the-Fact implemented, bug 11033)
      3. Age in Days criteria, values
      4. Ignore Thread (not implemented in 6.x)
      5. Watch Thread (not implemented in 6.x)
      6. ... any more?
    4. Check that migrated filter values can be edited, particularly those which were invalid
  6. New Feature: Prefill filter with sender of selected message - covered in separate testplan