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Feature Test Spec: Mail and News Component

Mail and News Component: Select Addresses

Written by: Olga Milenkaya


UI Specifications: Address Book Specification

The "Select Addresses" dialog is used to select addresses when composing a mail message.

  1. Entry points
    1. It is accessible from the Mail Compose window only, by clicking on the "Address" button on the Toolbar
    2. It is accessible from the Mail Compose menu "Options|Select Addresses...".
  2. General UI components:
    1. Size and location is sticky
      1. The dialog is resizable. bug 131959
      2. The dialog is sticky, which means that changing location or size if saved and visible with current and next session.bug 131959.
    2. "Look in" drop-down field with existing address books.
    3. Search bar components:
      1. Descriptive text/label: "for"
      2. text field
      3. Clear button which clears search text field and results
    4. List of cards accosiated with the address book.
    5. "Address Message to" list with cards moved by using To, Cc, Bcc buttons.
    6. To, Cc, Bcc buttons.
    7. "Remove" button, which is enabled only if "Address message to" list has at least one entry.
    8. "New" button - always enabled.
    9. "Edit" button - enabled when a card is selected. bug 117264
    10. Tab navigation:
      1. All fields are accessible by tabbing
      2. Tab moves clockwise
      3. Shift+Tab moves counter clockwise
      4. Tab out of QS moves focus to the cards list.
      5. Shift+tab out of QS moves focus to the "Look in" drop-down list.
      6. Tab into results pane, down/up arrows should move between entries. bug 135560
      7. Tab into card pane should highlight first entry on the list.
      8. Tab into directory pane, down/up arrows should move between address books and mailing lists
      9. Tab Navigation and Enter key on Focused buttons bug 134273, 134301
    11. Keyboard access to all fields and buttons by using mnemonics. bug 135748
    12. Preferences:
      1. None. No prefs associated with this feature
  3. Basic Functionality
    1. Users select one or more entries in the a) card list or b) results pane, and clicks the "To", "Cc" or "Bcc" buttons to add the recipients. Test by using mouse - Pass. Test by using keyboard - bugs 134256, 134301.
    2. Double clicking on a card entry also adds the person to the "To" list.
    3. Select Addresses dialog is modal to the Compose window.
    4. "New" button provides ability to create a new card. New Card dialog becomes modal to the Select Addresses dialog. bug 134273
    5. "Edit" button provides ability to edit an existing card from this dialog. Card Edit dialog becomes modal to the Select Addresses dialog.
    6. Default columns are: "Name" and "Email".
    7. The columns are resizable by dragging the separator bar between column headers.
    8. Sorting: Columns can be reordered by dragging and dropping the column headers.
    9. The column size and order is sticky for each Address Book.
    10. Related data in the AB field, Cards, List of Addresses. bug 134268
  4. Initiating searches - Basics:
    1. When text is typed in the search bar text field, matches display in the list of cards.
    2. When additional text is added the search further refines and displays appropriate results in results pane
    3. When backspacing the search scope adjusts appropriately and displays matches relative to the text
    4. No selection is made in the search/results pane by default
    5. Search is done only on the address book selected in the directory pane
    6. Search results are displayed using the same sort order as set before
    7. Search results are changed for different Address Books when keep the same search string.
  5. Clearing searches - Basics:
    1. Backspace to beginning of text field
    2. Clear button
    3. When search is cleared, user should be returned to full address book contents
    4. Clearing search for another address book brings this address book contents in full.
    5. Clear search for empty address book - bug 134299
  6. Criteria tests:
    1. matching first name:
      1. various length strings
      2. special characters
      3. spaces
    2. matching last name:
      1. variouis length strings
      2. special characters
      3. spaces
    3. matching display name:
      1. long name
      2. partial name
      3. special characters
      4. spaces
    4. matching email address
      1. long address
      2. partial address
      3. weird email addresses
  7. Content tests - check display when selecting through links/buttons in the card pane
    1. web pages
    2. links
    3. Get Map button
  8. Varied/Address Books
    1. Make sure Search is usable with various address books -- should work with all types
    1. personal address book
    2. collected address book
    3. mailing list selected
    4. imported address book selected
      1. Comm 4.x
      2. Eudora
      3. Outlook
      4. Outlook Express
      5. Text format
        1. csv
        2. ldif
        3. tab delimited
        4. txt
  9. Additional tests:
    1. Make sure QuickSearch is usable with offline feature:
    1. go offline then initiate search
    2. initiate search when online, go offline