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Feature Test Spec: Mail and News Component

Mail and News Component: LDAP Replication/Change log

Written by Yulian Chang


LDAP Replication and synchronization

  1. Directory Server Properties window
    1. verify offline panel is added to Directory Server Properties window
    2. verify the appropriate wording "you can download a local copy of this directory so that it is available for use when you are working offline."
    3. verify warning message provided if user tries to do replication when offline
      1. "You must be online to replicate a directory"
    4. verify warning dialog shows for
      1. unreachable directory server, for example, remote server down
      2. unknow Hostname or Base DN
  2. Download
    1. verify a progress dialog shows to indicate the status of the download
      1. verify "Replicated X far..." displayed
      2. verify total entries replicated displayed upon completion of replication
    2. verify the Progress dialog is non model
      1. verify other windows are not frozen and continue to operate
        • read mail
        • do address book search on other LDAP directory
        • do address book search on the same LDAP directory as replication
        • browse the web
      2. closing down Mozilla and verify replication continues with confirmation
    3. verify multiple replications are not allowed
      1. verify Download button is disabled while replication in progress or
      2. verify a confirmation dialog: "A replication of this directory is already in progress"
      3. verify replicating another directory is not allowd by exiting the current Directory properties dialog
    4. verify a confirmation dialog shows up and works as user requests
      1. cancel replication and quit
      2. stop the quit and continue replication
  3. Update - changes to LDAP Directory Server and updates the locally replicated AB for the directory with the changes since the last update. Verify Search in AddressBook, Sidebar and Select Addresses and autocomplete against the changes
    1. no change
    2. add new entries into LDAP Directory Server
    3. delete entries in LDAP Directory Server
    4. modify entries in LDAP Directory Server
    5. Combine adding, deleting and editing operation in Server
  4. Online search and aucomplete
    1. verify search and autocomplete through Directory Server not local x.mab after replication while online and finds matching ones
      1. replicate subset of Directory server into local Address Book and search entries out of the range. Verify matchings are found
      2. change the Prefs (Directory server properties) against that LDAP Address Book. Verify search and autocomplete finds matchings
        • Name
        • Hostname
        • Base DN
  5. Offline search and autocomplete
    1. verify there's a 'directoryname'.mab file for the LDAP server
    2. verify the size of .mab file increases or decreases after replication
    3. verify autocomplete against the replicated LDAP server
    4. verify quick search against the locally replicated Address Book for the directory
      1. in Address Book window
      2. in Sidebar Address Book
      3. in Select Addresses dialog
    5. verify Advanced Address Book search works against the replicated LDAP Direcotry server
    6. verify search and autocomplete stop working if making changes (Properties) to that LDAP Address Book