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Test Plan for Password and Form Managers

Maintained by: Terri Preston


The Password Manager allows the user to automatically prefill the username and password fields. This feature helps avoid the repetitive task of entering such login information every time you visit such websites as an eCommerce site. The Form Manager feature allows the user to prefill the most commonly required fields in web-based forms. This is so you don't have to manually type in your name, address, phone#, etc., every time you buy a pencil on the Internet.

Both of these features save such information and allow the user to modify and remove password and form information. The two features are related but will be tested separately.

Will Test

Testing should cover the areas below. However, please note the exceptions under the Will Not Test section.

  • Look and feel: visual consistency within the Mozilla browser and Netscape 6.0 Navigator product. Also, cross-platform consistency (with the exception of certain platform-specific add-ons).
  • Style, spelling, grammar, etc.
  • Password Manager functionality within the browser.
  • Form Manager functionality within the browser.

Will Not Test

The following areas will not be covered. Please refer to the appropriate test plan for further information.

  • Use of the Master Password. This is part of the Personal Security Manager (PSM).
  • Use of encryption for data protection. This is also part of PSM.
  • Use of the Password Manager within mail.
  • Different sites use different names for their fields. Form Manager provides service which maps the various field names from one site to another. This will only be tested on an adhoc basis.
  • The Cookie Manager.
  • The Image Manager.

Major Issues & Bug Information

Here are some relevant Bugzilla links. Bugs in the Password Manager feature belong in the Single Signon component, whereas bugs in Form Manager belong in Autofill.

Password Manager bug queries

Form Manager bug queries

Test Coverage

Coverage for Password Manager:

  • Activating Single Signon.
    • First time you authenticate: The first time (first session for a new profile, or a new build) you submit a username/password (aka, signon info), you are informed of the privacy features (aka, the "blue box" dialog) and then asked if you would like to use it (confirmation dialog to save/ignore/never save).
    • Activate/disable through Preferences: Turning on the pref allows you to automatically remember saved signon info, as well as ask you to save signon info. Disabling should prevent prefilling of signon info (at sites where it was saved), as well as prevent Password Manager from asking you to save.
  • When the Password Manager is activated to save signon info.
    • Web-based forms, where there are username and password input fields (and a submit button) on the page itself.
    • HTTP authentication (eg, when htaccess is used), where a dialog appears asking for username and password info.
    • If time allows. FTP authentication.
    • Confirmation dialog: In addition to saying Yes to save singon info, there is also two ways to refuse:
      • No: Signon info is neither save nor remembered --this is analogous to hitting the Cancel button in a common dialog.
      • Never for this site: Signon info is not saved, but the site at which you decline this is remembered.
  • Using saved signon info.
    • Test with just one signon already saved at a given site.
    • Test using multiple signons at the same site.
    • Test using the same username, but different password, at the same site. Useful for when you decide to change your password at a given site.
  • Viewing and deleting signon info is done through the Stored Passwords dialog. Can be accessed from the Preferences, as well as the menubar (Tasks > Privacy and Security > Password Manager > View Stored Passwords).
    • Passwords Saved tab (where you selected Yes to save signon info)
      • Verify that signon info (site and username) is displayed.
      • Test deletion of signon info.
    • Passwords Never Saved tab (where you selected Never for this site)
      • Verify that site info is displayed.
      • Test deletion of site info.
  • Clear Sensitive Information should remove both signon information and form data information (found under Tasks > Privacy and Security > Password Manager > Clear Sensitive Information). After selecting this item, you should be presented with a confirmation dialog to remove such information.
  • Ad-hoc testing
    • Common sites (E*Trade, Amazon, eBay, etc.)

Coverage for Form Manager

  • Activating Form Manager.
    • The first time you submit a form/capture form data (first session for a new profile, or a new build), you are informed of the privacy features (aka, the "blue box") and then asked if you would like to use it (confirmation dialog to save/ignore/never save).
    • Activate/disable through Preferences: Turning on the pref causes the browser to ask you to save form data (this works only for form fields found in the top 100 websites) --turns on the passive data capture feature of Form Manager. Disabling should turn off passive data capture.
  • Capturing form data occurs passively and actively.
  • Viewing and editing form data is done through a couple of means:
  • Prefilling forms. Currently this is done only when the user explicitly selects the menu item Edit > Prefill Form from the menubar; or bringing up a context (popup) menu in a page containing a form. This results in the Prefill Form Data dialog, which consists of a list of Fields and Values, where there could be multiple values (displayed as a dropdown menulist) to select. In addition, there's the checkbox, "Bypass this screen when prefilling this form in the future", which allows you to prefill a form without displaying this dialog in the future.
    • Test when some forms are already partially filled.
    • Test choosing just some of the available fields.
    • Test on a webpage without any forms.
  • Demonstration and sample forms.
    • Currently there's a sample interview form which contains a comprehensive list of form fields that could be encountered; it's included in each build as a local web page (chrome://communicator/content/wallet/interview.html). This is accessed from Tasks > Privacy and Security > Form Manager > Interview.
    • Currently there are sample forms located at This is accessed from Tasks > Privacy and Security > Form Manager > Demonstration. Note. As these are just sample forms, none of the data entered into them are sent to a server. That's why the fields are cleared after you click the appropriate form submit button.


UI and/or Functional Specifications (content might be rather ancient):

Note that both of these documents are limited to internal eyes for the time being.