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Feature Test Plan

6.0 SeamonkeyProject - Browser User Interface - Search

Date Change Description Revision Updated By
11/28/2000 First Public Draft 0.5 Claudius Gayle
12/09/2000 Updating to match Moz 0.9.4/NS 6.2 .99 Claudius Gayle


The QA contact for these features is

Claudius Gayle

Test Case Management Usage

The Development contact is Samir Gehani, but try QA first.
You may wish to peruse the Engineering Details,
or a more general overview and look at the UI.

Test Case Management Usage:

The detailed test cases for this feature can be found by accessing the Search Test Matrix.
Major Area: Browser
Minor Area: UI
Category: Search

Search functionality in Mozilla/N6 breaks down into 3 distinct parts. The first part is the url bar search. This type of search is executed by typing terms in the url bar and clicking the search button or hitting enter.Testing in this area will focus on the logic used to decide whether to perform a search (or simply surf to a URL) and the logic around building an appropriate string and sending it off to the correct server. The second part is the stand alone search dialog, accessed by choosing Search Bookmarks/History from the toplevel Search menu. This feature has been scaled back and advanced testing will be suspended until development work resumes. The third and final part of the search equation is the MySidebar Search Tab. This tab features a Basic, single-engine search mode and an Advanced, multiple-engine search mode. Most of the focus will be on the Basic part of this search functionality.

  1. Acceptance Testing (a quick, minimum round of testing to ensure the feature is in place and to justify continued testing)
    • Just clicking search buttons works
    • Typing a word in the URL bar and clicking search initiates a search.
    • The search sidebar tab opens, appears well-formed and accepts text input.
    • The standalone search dialog launches when selected from appropriate menu.
  2. "Won't Test" Areas
    • Anything inherent to the behavior of the search sidebar as a sidebar 'tab' will fall under Sidebar testing. See the Sidebar Feature Test Plan.
    • Absolutely NO search engine testing will be done.
    • "Find in This Page" has nothing to do with the search features even though it appears under the Search menu. See the XPApps Feature Test Plan.
    • No server-side functionality will be tested here.
    • No testing related to mail-news or addressbook searching will be performed.
  3. Functional Testing - "Will Test"
    • many things to add here :-)