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Feature Test Specification

5.0 SeamonkeyProject - Browser User Interface - History

Date Change Description Revision Updated By
12/18/1998 First Draft 0.5 Claudius Gayle
06/12/1999 Updating to match available specs 1.0 Claudius Gayle
09/03/1999 Quasi-finalization, Y2K dates, added session history 1.1 Claudius Gayle
10/22/1999 Cleanup for public presentation 1.11 Claudius Gayle
11/28/2001 Updated for Netscape6.2/Mozilla 0.9.4 1.2 Claudius Gayle


The QA contact for these features is Claudius Gayle.

Test Case Management Usage

The detailed test cases for this feature can be found by accessing the History Test Matrix.

  • Major Area: Browser
  • Minor Area: UI
  • Category: History

History and Bookmarks are closely linked to each other. Much of the same technology(RDF) is used to develop both, they often appear together in the UI, and many of their features depend on each other. At this juncture I have chosen to create separate Feature Test Plans for each but I recommend perusing the Bookmarks Feature Test Plan as well.

There are two facets to History: Global History and Session History. There is also a URL Bar type-in history but that is addressed separately in the Toolbars feature test plan.

Global history is also referred to as 'Previously Visited' throughout certain specifications and eventually within the Navigator UI. Currently the only entry points to the Global History functionality is via the Tasks-->Tools-->History menu choice and the addition of a History tab for MySidebar

Session History refers to the record of sites visited during a particular session. In this instance a session would correspond to a browser window; sites visted within a particular browser window become a part of that window's session history. This functionality is accessed through use of the 'Back' and 'Forward' buttons and their corresponding drop-down lists. The functionality of the buttons themselves is tested elswhere, refer to the Toolbars feature test plan. It can also be accessed via the toplevel 'Go' menu in a browser window.

This Feature Test Plan is designed from a functional testing perspective as are the tests that result from it. Therefore, outlined here are the many tasks that a user should be able to perform via the History functionality. They will each, roughly, correspond to a functional test.

Will Test

Global History(GH) (within the history view window)
  • Core functionality. i.e. history records sites visited, in order plus other pertinent, sortable info.
  • Records proper site after redirection.
  • Clicking a link opens the correct page in the current window or a new one i.e. go to a recently visited site.
  • Drag&Drop to manipulate order and hierarchy.
  • Delete items (single, multiple, and folders).
  • Delete(clear) history altogether.
  • Drag items out of pane into other panes/windows.
  • Search within History.
  • Switch history View by Group(day|site|none)
  • View multiple columns.
  • Sort on a particular column .
  • View by date/time visited, by subject.
  • View grouped list by frequency, by site
  • Check last or frequency of visit.
  • Cut, Copy.
Session History(SH)
  • Recently visited links in 'GO' menu.
  • Recently visited links in 'Back' drop-down.
  • Recently visited links in 'Forward' drop-down.
  • Verify ordering of above.
  • Frames work smoothly and intuitively.
  • Traverse linked-list verifying forward links are destroyed only when appropriate.
Negative/Regression Testing
  • SH - remember horiz/vert. scroll position.(Bug xxxxx)
  • SH - remember form values on 'Back'.
  • GH - don't show 302 redirect interim url. (Bug 102043)
  • Others as they arise.

Won't Test/At Risk (seeking community contributions)

  • SH - caching
  • SH - javascript, history.go, etc.