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Feature Test Specification

Seamonkey (5.0): Browser Drag & Drop

Maintained by: <Terri Preston>
Date Change Description Revision Updated By
<4/19/99> Skeleton test plan 0.5 Eli
<6/30/99> First draft at actual test plan 1.0 Eli
<8/3/99> Actual test plan (only a few known omissions) 1.1 Eli
<8/6/99> Incorporated feedback from sfraser, german, akkana 1.2 Eli
<7/28/00> Maintenance update 1.2.1 Eli
<12/26/00> Maintenance update 1.4 Terri


UI and/or Functional Specifications:

Communicator Drag & Drop Specification (from 4.5, with serial #s filed off)
XPToolkit Drag & Drop

(A 5.0 UE specification will not be published, as a result of the constrained UE staff; German indicated that the 4.5 behavior is roughly identical to how 5.0's expected behavior, and I'm basing this test plan upon the actual behavior of 4.5.)

This test plan details the test coverage for the Drag and Drop behaviors that the 5.0 browser is expected to support. Testing of Drag & Drop across other components (e.g. Editor & Mail/News) will limited to scenarios in which the drag operation originates within the browser component.

Actual testing of Drag & Drop will begin when the feature is actually present. (The back-end functionality should be in place by M8/M9; however, the individual implementors of the UI objects described below will need to support the Drag & Drop interfaces.)

Limited testing of the Drag & Drop functionality within Manage Bookmarks will also take place; testing will be limited to confirming that the Drag & Drop feature works. (Actual bookmark management functionality that is controlled through a Drag & Drop user interface will not be tested. Or at least, not intentionally.)

  1. Dragging from Browser Window
    1. URLs (linked text, and URL/location proxy icon)
      1. Onto objects within application
        1. Personal Toolbar
        2. Another browser window (open page)
        3. Editor
      2. Onto other applications
        1. Windows/Mac OS Desktop (create shortcut)
    2. Images (per Akkana, image drag & drop across the Mozilla application suite has not been committed to. Kept in test plan since --- minimally --- Macintosh users will expect this functionality.)
      1. Onto objects within application
        1. Personal Toolbar
        2. Another browser window (shows image)
        3. Editor
      2. Onto other applications
        1. Windows/Mac OS Desktop (save image)
  2. Dragging from Desktop to browser window, URL bar, and personal toolbar
    1. Folders - should display a hierarchical file structure
    2. Text files - should display
    3. Netscape (and Mac OS 8.5) URL Shortcuts - should display
    4. Image files (GIF, JPEG, PNG)
    5. Files that require plug-in invocation
    6. Files that require helper app invocation
    7. HTML files from a Find window
    8. Applications, or other unrecognized file types. (Mac: should launch appropriate application to handle file type from within Finder. Windows: Should display a file dialog, asking where to save the file.)
  3. Boundary/Negative/Stress Cases
    1. Drag URLs, images, etc to non-modal application windows (e.g. Search...)
    2. Drag applications, desktop printers, network neighborhood, Trash can, aliases, multiple files, etc.
    3. Dragging & dropping huge images across windows/etc.
  4. Platform-specific behaviors
    1. Mac OS
      1. Dragging URLs to desktop should use standard Mac OS 8.5 shortcut icons)
      2. Dragging text clipping to desktop (should save as text clipping)
      3. Dragging images from browser to desktop
    2. Windows
      1. Dragging URL to desktop should create Win32 bookmark shortcut.
  5. Dragging onto application icon (Mac OS & Windows only)
    1. JPEG, GIF, HTML and text files should be draggable onto the app icon. (probably PNG, too.)
    2. A valid folder with content (e.g. System Folder or Windows directory)
    3. An invalid folder (e.g. Trash Can)
  6. Manage Bookmarks window (specification not available; using Internet Explorer 4.5's for Mac OS as a "living specification".)
    1. Dragging to:
      1. Dragging Mac OS, Win32 & Mac OS-Netscape bookmarks to bookmark windows are received.
      2. Folders of bookmarks?
      3. Web pages on the local HD
      4. Image files
      5. crazy things like the HD icon itself
      6. an alias to a Netscape/Mac OS/Win32 bookmark icon. How resolved?
      7. names with a slash in them.
      8. Trash
    2. Dragging away from:
      1. A folder
      2. A bookmark
      3. A combination of bookmarks & folders
      4. names with a slash or colon in them.
      5. multiple items (folders or files) with same name

Additional Test Coverage to Play With:

  1. dragging URLs that are links for other protocol types that aren't listed here. e.g. mailto:, news:, mailbox:, etc. From where can we obtain a comprehensive list? (Try Gagan)
  2. Dragging from browser to mail/news.
  3. Create a file on unix with a ":" in the name, drag to HD on Mac OS and Windows, drag to Manage Bookmarks. (Or suggest to Claudius as a test case, if more appropriate for him...)
  4. Confirm that we don't break the URL Manager shareware app.
  5. Mike Pinkerton has a Mac tool called "Drag Peeker", which views the contents of a drag. Perhaps after playing around with it, ideas for additional test cases on a lower-level may result.