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Feature Test Specification

Seamonkey (6.0): Netscape Help

Maintained by: <Terri Preston
Date Change Description Revision Updated By
<12/15/98> Initial document draft of help test plan .5 Eli Goldberg
<8/5/99> Completed content 1.0 Eli Goldberg
<8/11/00> Annual Update 1.1 Eli Goldberg
<12/12/00> Update 1.2 Terri Preston


UI and/or Functional Specifications:

Seamonkey End-User Documentation
Seamonkey Help Menu Proposal

With Seamonkey, the Client Publications group will be replacing the monolithic NetHelp-based client documentation system with local help served via a XUL Help window, as well as Netcenter-hosted Help content.

Seamonkey will also provide contextual on-demand user assistance in the form of tooltips.

Will-Test Areas:

  • Help menu items Help menu items should display the appropriate web page
  • Help Browser The user's ability to navigate and print in the Help Browser will be tested.
  • Tooltips Tooltips will be available throughout the application; we will confirm that the proper tooltips appear when invoked. Note: Have sent email to Vera to see if this should be tested here, have not heard back
  • Links Hypertext links within the help system
  • About About page displays correct content

Won't-Test Areas:

  • Accuracy/validity of local help content Each feature's QA lead will cover this area, as they're most qualified.
  • Accuracy/validity of Netcenter-hosted help content This is a Netcenter content area, and is out of CPD's domain; separate arrangements should be made with Netcenter QA for this area.
  • Help Channel & Internet Tutorial This is a Netcenter content area, and is out of CPD's domain. Separate arrangements should be made with Netcenter QA for this area.
  • End-User Messages No inspection of dialogs' explanatory text will be performed.
  • Non-Navigator Help Help testing will be limited to that within the Navigator web browser; help testing will not be performed for other applications within the Netscape client suite.
  • The Tooltip widget itself We will not be testing the implementation of the actual Tooltip widget.
  • Skinnability Per paw , this will be tested by skinnability tester.


  • A complete list of all interface interface objects that have a Tooltip, and the associated Tooltip text string. Tooltips will not be checked without this information

Help bug queries

  1. Help Menu
    1. Correct help menu items exist, correct content displayed:
      1. Feedback Center
      2. Correct Release Notes version
      3. About: All links are valid & appropriate, spelling is correct, version number/user agent is correct, copyright year is correct, use judgment.
    2. Displays correct Help on Mac when no windows are open. Opening a help menu item should open a new window
    3. Opening a Help viewer shouldn't open a new window if already open.
  2. Help Browser
    1. Next
    2. Back
    3. Print
      1. does it work?
      2. multiple presses of button without dialog dismissal
      3. Printing during page load/Help window activity? does page get truncated?
    4. Context menus & inappropriate keyboard shortcuts disabled on all platforms
    5. Toolbar minimization & re-opening
    6. page up/page down/home/end
    7. drag receipt --- should block drag events
    8. click around toolbar on non-clickable regions, make sure no regions are inadvertently "hot"
    9. Need to explore and write test case: Can the Help Browser's History mechanism be confused? (Yes, throbber issue) Are there any tricks that could result in browser being in "first" page in list, but with Back button still enabled? (Or last page, with forward button?)
    10. May be worth exploring and writing test case: Should the help browser's window properties be maintained in between sessions? Is this done purely by Mozilla (in which case it's probably solid), or is it done by the Help Browser itself?
  3. Help Content
    1. Links (same-page and other-page) should open within help browser
    2. Confirm that most links are okay, content displays okay on small/large window sizings, 8-bit displays.
  4. About
    1. Verify accuracy & timeliness of page content.
  5. Tooltips
    1. Determine whether all Tooltips within Seamonkey properly invoke the appropriate help content.

      *** Need specification (list of dialog-specific tooltips & tooltip UI specification) prior to authoring of test case or testing. Talk to verah for further information.