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Printing QA Help Page

maintained by Shrirang Khanzode for
the browser/composer front-end team

What is this page for?

We all know that printing support in Netscape Navigator could have been better. Netscape has never had the luxury of a printing QA lab, let alone the manpower to staff one. For Seamonkey, we have a radically improved Gecko-based printing architecture, and the chance to deliver the most error-free and accurate printing ever delivered by a web browser.

This page is here to provide the necessary information for net community members who wish to help bring about reliable printing in Seamonkey.

What's the current status of printing on mozilla?

As of January 18th, 2000, printing is quite stable on all three platforms - Windows, Mac and Linux. We have written testcases based upon the bugs filed and are in the process of expanding our test suite. Our testcase suite is currently available here. Please feel free to suggest new tests and any corrections that you feel should be made.

How can I help?

As with other components, you can report bugs, or supply new testcases that expand the printing test coverage.

You can also run the testcases listed here on different printers, and report any bugs that you find. (Netscape uses HP LaserJet printers, and doesn't have a dedicated printing lab. If there's a problem unique to a particular printer model or driver, we'll only know about it if you tell us.)

What's the best way to report printing bugs?

For overall details on effectively reporting bugs in bugzilla, please refer to the Bug Writing Guidelines. The more effective a bug report is, the more likely it'll be fixed. You can view the list of open printing bugs.

Every detail that you can provide helps us narrow down the problem. For the printing category specifically, we would like you to please mention the brand name, model, printer driver version and the printer type in the Description textarea of your bug report. Such details will definitely help to exactly reproduce the problem and will be of great help to our developers to narrow down the problem and fix it. To get an idea of writing a bug report for printing, please view this sample bug. You can view the details on obtaining printer driver information on all platforms.