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Printing Test Cases

Test Case Matrix for Printing

Function/Feature/Test Case Description Test Case Name
Print a Page with frames Determine whether a page with frames prints properly Frame Test
Page with various formats Determine whether a page with various formats prints properly Formats Test
Test Page Print a test page and check to see if it prints properly Test Page
Alignment Test Determine if a page with aligned text prints as seen on screen Alignment Test
Indentation Test Determine if a page with indentations prints as seen on screen Indentation Test
Test Portrait and Landscape settings Determine if a page with portrait and Landscape settings prints properly Settings Test
Print HTML forms and widgets Determine if HTML forms and widgets print properly HTML Test
Print a "Page Source" Determine if page source prints as seen on screen Page Source Test
CSS Testcases for printing Determine if CSS pages print properly CSS Tests
Print Mozillazine poll result page Determine if the Mozillazine Poll results page prints properly Test
Print large complex pages Determine if large page print properly Large Pages Test
Sample XML Pages for printing Determine if XML pages print properly XML Test
Top Web Sites Determine if top web sites print properly Web Sites Test
Print some HTML 4.0 pages Determine if HTML 4.0 pages print properly HTML 4.0 TESTS
Print images Determine if images print correctly Images Test
Print Lists Determine if lists print correctly Lists Test
Print Tables Determine if tables print correctly Tables Test
Print Character Styles Determine if character styles print correctly Characters Test
Print Paragraph Styles Determine if paragraph styles print correctly Paragraph Test
Print Preview Determine if print Preview works correctly Print Preview Test
Page Setup(mac only) Determine id Page Setup dialog works correctly Page Setup Test
Off-Line Printing Determine that off-line printing works Offline Test
Header/Footer Test Determine that header/footer info gets printed Header Test
Print Range Determine that print range works properly Print Range Test

Go to the printing QA help page.