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Test Documentation for Find As You Type

Maintained by: Owen Marshall

Find As You Type (formerly known as Type Ahead Find) is a new feature introduced in Mozilla 1.2. It allows the user to automatically search for text by merely typing in the open window. This Emacs-style search allows the user to search without use of the mouse or difficult-to-remember key combinations.

What will & will NOT be tested

This outline is under development and is subject to change at any time.
We will need to cover:
  • Find As You Type in the main browser window.
  • Find As You Type input via IME's.
We will not need to worry about (at this time):
  • Find As You Type in Mail/News, Composer, etc.

Issues, references & bug information

Contact information

Reference materials Find As You Type UI specifications Find As You Type source

Important bugs

Bug #30088 was the enhancement request prompting the creation of Find As You Type. It is also tracking some older bugs.
Bug #183998 discusses additions of Find As You Type to mailnews.
Bug #187511 discusses additions of Find As You Type to menu items.
Bug #176296 adds the preference to force Find As You Type to start only upon the proper keypress.
Bug #169489 discusses the addition of Find As You Type preferences to the preferences menu.

You can also:

Bug filing information

Please, before filing another bug, be sure you have searched Bugzilla for any duplicate bugs. Bugs for this feature should reside in the Keyboard: Find As You Type component of the Browser product.

To properly file a Find As You Type bug, please follow these steps (in addition to following the bug writing guidelines):
  1. Assign the bug to the Browser product, in the Find As You Type component.
  2. If you are filing this bug because the testcases failed, please be sure that you can reproduce the bug. If you still see the bug after the second test attempt, please include what test and at what step you were on when it failed, and describe in detail the problem you experience in the bug report.
This will help developers and QA understand your bug.

If you don't feel comfortable with Bugzilla or filing bugs, feel free to email me at I am more than happy to look at your issue and file a bug report as needed.


Test coverage and outline

Acceptance tests

These are intended to be the basic, acceptance level tests for Find As You Type. All instructions are covered in taf_acceptance.html
  • (Time: 1 minute) Test the ability of Find As You Type to locate a link on the page.

Functional tests

These tests check the full abilities of Find As You Type. All instructions are covered in taf_functional.html
  • (Time: 1 minute) Test the full text search aspect (both linked and non-linked text) of Find As You Type.
  • (Time: 1 minute) Test that a URL and an email address can be navigated to via the keyboard.
  • (Time: 4 minutes) Test that Find As You Type properly responds to preference changes.
  • (Time: 2 minutes) Test keyboard combinations (Accel+[Shift]+G, [Shift]+F3, etc.), along with repeated letter search.
  • (Time: 2 minutes) Test wrap-around Find As You Type.
  • (Time: 1 minute) Test keyboard combinations to cancel Type Ahead (Tab, Esc, etc.).
Note that all times vary based upon a tester's experience, and the relative amount of bugs (Find As You Type and otherwise) in the build the tester is using.

IME Acceptance Testing

These tests check to see if Find As You Type properly gets data from IME's. Please visit Use your IME to do a text-only Find As You Type search for any of the phrases on that page. If the find was unsucessful, file a bug.

What do I do if I find a problem while running the tests?

Answer: If a bug doesn't already exist in Bugzilla, file one, of course! Just remember, to get proper developer and QA attention, you need to follow the above instructions.