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Test Case Description for self-drop


This basic testcase is designed to verify that bookmarks and folders can't be dropped onto themselves, an immediate parent container or any child container.

Initial Conditions

  • You must have a bookmarks file.
  • To promote consistency, you may choose to use the default set of Netscape Seamonkey Bookmarks, which I use. I have also provided the default Mozilla bookmarks file.
  • You also have the option to use this very large bookmarks file.
  • You must also customize your sidebar to include a bookmarks panel.
  • As part of your bookmarks file you need a folder (lets' call it folder "A") that contains bookmarks and another folder (let's call this folder "A1" (read Asub1)) that contains bookmarks as well.


  1. Select Bookmarks|Manage Bookmarks.
  2. Select folder A1 then drag&drop it onto or within itself
  3. Select folder A1 then drag&drop it onto or within folder A.
  4. Select folder A then drag&drop it onto or within folder A1.
  5. Select a bookmark within folder A1 and drop it onto folder A1.

Expected Results

  1. Nothing should happen! No bookmark or folder should be moved in any of these cases. Ideally, one should see the International symbol for "No" cursor.