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Test Case Matrix for Bookmarks

*References to 'the 4 standard locations' in these testcases refer to the Manage Bookmarks window, the toplevel Bookmarks menu, the Bookmarks panel in the Sidebar, and the Bookmarks popup menu on the bookmarks/personal toolbar. This is important, there will be a test later.

Feature/Function sub-feature
Description Test Case Name
Bookmarks Basic Functional(Acceptance) Tests
Bookmarks View Bookmarks Verify that bookmarks appear at the standard(4) access points view-bookmarks
Bookmarks Add Bookmark Verify that bookmarks are properly added to bookmarks file and appear in all access points. add-bookmark
Bookmarks File Bookmark Add a new bookmark into a specific location within the bookmarks hierarchy. file-bookmark
Manage Bookmarks Create new bookmark Verify new bookmarks can be created (not added). create-bookmark
Bookmarks Delete Bookmark Verify that bookmarks are properly deleted from bookmarks file and disappear from all access points. delete-bookmark
Bookmarks Add/Delete Personal Toolbar bookmark Verify that items from the personal toolbar folder are properly added/deleted. add-delete-ptoolbar-bmark
Manage Bookmarks Create Folder Verify new folder creation and nesting of new folders. create-folder
Bookmarks Surf Bookmark Verify that double-clicking on a bookmark causes it to be launched in a browser window surf-bookmark
Bookmarks Surf All Bookmarks Verify that there are no 'dead' default links. surf-all-bookmarks
Manage Bookmarks Edit item properties Verify that changes to an item are saved without loss of item integrity. edit-properties
Bookmarks Advanced Functional Testcases
Manage Bookmarks Delete Folder Verify folder(s) are correctly deleted. delete-folder
Manage Bookmarks Show/Hide Folder Verify that disclosure triangles/folder icons are in sync. show-hide-folder
Manage Bookmarks Create/Delete separator Verify separators are properly added/deleted. create-delete-separator
Manage Bookmarks Save State Verify that changes are saved over restart/crash save-state
Manage Bookmarks View item properties Verify that view properties works as appropriate for bookmarks, folders, and separators(negative) view-properties
Manage Bookmarks Rename bookmark inline - not implemented Change the name of a bookmark without use of the bookmark properties dialog. rename-bookmark
Manage Bookmarks Custom Keywords surf using user-defined 'custom keyword'. custom-keywords
Manage Bookmarks Sort by columns sort and reverse-sort per column sort-columns
Manage Bookmarks Resize columns Verify that columns are resizable to show/hide more of entries resize-columns
Manage Bookmarks Show/Hide columns Show and hide columns. show-hide-columns
Manage Bookmarks Drag & Drop to reorder columns - not implemented reorder-columns
Manage Bookmarks Drag & Drop to reorder items reorder-item
Manage Bookmarks Drag & Drop to rearrange item hierarchy reorder-hierarchy
Manage Bookmarks Cut and Undo items cut-undo-redo-items
Manage Bookmarks Copy-paste items copy-paste-items
Manage Bookmarks Paste items nested inot a folder paste-into-folder
Manage Bookmarks Delete multiple bookmarks Verify that several bookmarks are deleted at one time. delete-multiple-bookmarks
Manage Bookmarks Import bookmarks import-bookmarks
Manage Bookmarks Export bookmarks export-bookmarks
Bookmarks Negative & Regression Tests
Manage Bookmarks
(negative/regresion test)
Prevent bad drops Verify that it is NOT possible to drop an item onto itself or its immediate parent or child self-drop