You are currently viewing a snapshot of taken on April 21, 2008. Most of this content is highly out of date (some pages haven't been updated since the project began in 1998) and exists for historical purposes only. If there are any pages on this archive site that you think should be added back to, please file a bug.


Warning: The extension is not yet meant for end users. It is for evaluation only.

We are pleased to offer previews to give a demonstration of our progress. But please be aware that this is still under development and that this download is not meant for a production environment. But we feel it is pretty stable and we eagerly await feedback on your evaluation of it.

Latest Release Version

Download the latest release of the XForms extension on the project page at Please note that FF 1.5.0.x is no longer supported.

Prerequisite: To use version 0.8.4 of the extension, you need to have Firefox or SeaMonkey 1.1.3 or later.

Note to Firefox users: When you click on the XForms download link, you may receive a message at the top of your browser content area. This message will state, "To protect your computer, Firefox prevented this site from installing softwared on your computer." Please click on the "Edit Options..." button shown to the right of the message. Click on the "Allow" button and then click on the "OK" button. The XForms installation will start. This is due to the fact that the (or corresponding mirror site) is not listed in your whitelist.

Please read our Release Notes. In our release notes, we mark our progress so far against the W3C specification, behaviors unique to our implementation, etc. Of special note are:

  • We require our XForms documents to be served as XHTML and not HTML.
  • In compliance to Mozilla security policy, this XForms processor can not submit to a different domain than the XForms document was served from by default. However, this behavior can be overridden by the user. Please see the release notes for more information.
  • The XForms preview now does not yet support the XForms CSS pseudo elements. It does, however, support the XForms CSS pseudo classes with the exception of :read-only and :read-write due to limitations in Mozilla. In place of these, XForms authors may use the temporary :-moz-read-only and :-moz-read-write pseudo classes until Mozilla supports :read-only and :read-write.

Nightly Development Builds

If you use nightly builds you are really on your own. We make no guarantees on the functionality, etc.

If you want to try our very latest extension, you can download the latest nightly development build. But as it is built automatically each night, it may or not work. We give no guarantees, and you should really be using our released version.

To use the latest nightly build of the extension, you also need to run the nightly build of Firefox from the exact same date. The latest nightly builds of Firefox can be found here. You need to download and install the browser that matches your operating system, and then install the extension:

Remember to uninstall any old version of the extension first.

As it is nightly builds, the version from today may or may not work, and our extension may, or may not have been built correctly. Thus, you might need to manually search the nightly build directory, and find a date that works (the ones labeled -mozilla1.8 are the ones you are looking for). Any bug fix that has been checked in to the 1.8 branch will be available in these nightlies.

We are sad to say that no longer builds nightly trunk versions of our extension nor do they build nightly 1.8 branch (FF2) versions for the Mac.