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Building The Extension

The code is in the Mozilla CVS server. It is available on trunk, and the main branches in the mozilla/extensions/xforms directory. Here are the things that you'll have to do to build it:

  • You'll need to add xforms and schema-validation to the extensions list in your .mozconfig if you are building either 1.8 branch or trunk. Building schema-validation on the 1.8 branch also requires webservices which itself requires xmlextras.
    • So for a trunk build your .mozconfig will need to have:
      ac_add_options --enable-extensions="default,xforms,schema-validation"
    • For a 1.8 branch build your .mozconfig will need to have:
      ac_add_options --enable-extensions="default,xmlextras,webservices,schema-validation,xforms"
  • Our xforms:range implementation requires canvas. Canvas is built by default on the trunk, but not on the branches. If you are doing a 1.8 branch build, make sure that your .mozconfig contains:
    ac_add_options --enable-canvas
  • Use make like normal to pull and build the tree.