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Encryption Technologies Available in
Netscape 6.x, Personal Security Manager,
and the iPlanet servers

Manager: Bob Lord

The Netscape 6.x and Personal Security Manager 1.2+ CCATS number is G017749.

Note: Some technologies listed here are not currently implemented, but are planned for implementation in an upcoming point release of the client products.

Key Agreement Reference Value End Use
RSA Key Agreement (using PKCS #1) unlimited Key agreement
Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement (using PKCS #3) <= 4096-bit modulus/Future Key agreement
Elliptic Curve Cryptography Key Agreement N/A (future) Key agreement
SSL2 Algorithm Reference Key Strength End Use
SSL2-RC4-128-with-MD5 128 Bulk data encryption
SSL2-RC2-128-CBC-with-MD5 128 Bulk data encryption
SSL2-DES-168-EDE3-CBC-with-MD5  168 Bulk data encryption
SSL2-DES-56-CBC-with-MD5 56 Bulk data encryption
SSL2-RC4-128-EXPORT40-with-MD5 40 Bulk data encryption
SSL2-RC2-128-CBC-EXPORT40-with-MD5 40 Bulk data encryption
SSL3 Algorithm Reference Key Strength End Use
SSL3-FORTEZZA-DMS-with-FORTEZZA-CBC-SHA 80 Bulk data encryption
SSL3-FORTEZZA-DMS-with-RC4-128-SHA 128 Bulk data encryption
SSL3-RSA-with-RC4-128-MD5 128 Bulk data encryption
SSL3-RSA-with-3DES-EDE-CBC-SHA 168 Bulk data encryption
SSL3-RSA-with-DES-CBC-SHA 56 Bulk data encryption
SSL3-RSA-with-RC4-40-MD5 40 Bulk data encryption
SSL3-RSA-with-RC2-CBC-40-MD5 40 Bulk data encryption
SSL3-FORTEZZA-DMS-with-null-SHA 0 Bulk data encryption
SSL3-RSA-with-null-MD5 0 Bulk data encryption
SSL3-RSA-FIPS-with-3DES-EDE--CBC-SHA 168 Bulk data encryption
SSL3-RSA-FIPS-with-DES-CBC-SHA 56 Bulk data encryption
TLS Algorithm Reference Key Strength End Use
TLS-RSA-1024-with-RC4-56-SHA 56 Bulk data encryption
TLS-RSA-1024-with-DES-CBC-SHA 56 Bulk data encryption
TLS-RSA-with-RC4-128-MD5 128 Bulk data encryption
SSL_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA or TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA 128 Bulk data encryption
TLS-RSA-with-3DES-EDE-CBC-SHA 168 Bulk data encryption
TLS-RSA-with-DES-CBC-SHA 56 Bulk data encryption
TLS-RSA-with-RC4-40-MD5 40 Bulk data encryption
TLS-RSA-with-RC2-CBC-40-MD5 40 Bulk data encryption
TLS-RSA-with-null-MD5 0 Bulk data encryption
S/MIME Algorithm Reference Key Strength End Use
S/MIME-DES-EDE3 168 Bulk data encryption
S/MIME-RC2-CBC-128 128 Bulk data encryption
S/MIME-DES-CBC 56 Bulk data encryption
S/MIME-RC2-CBC-64 64 Bulk data encryption
S/MIME-RC2-CBC-40 40 Bulk data encryption
PKCS #5 Algorithm Reference Key Strength End Use
PKCS5-RC2-40 40 Private key material encryption for internal storage
PKCS5-RC2-128 128 Private key material encryption for internal storage
PKCS5-RC4-128 128 Private key material encryption for internal storage
PKCS5-DES-56 56 Private key material encryption for internal storage
PKCS5-DES-EDE3 168 Private key material encryption for internal storage
PKCS #12 Algorithm Reference Key Strength End Use
PKCS12-RC2-40 40 Key portability/Backup
PKCS12-RC2-128 128 Key portability/Backup
PKCS12-RC4-56 56 Key portability/Backup
PKCS12-RC4-128 128 Key portability/Backup
PKCS12-DES-56 56 Key portability/Backup
PKCS12-DES-EDE3 168 Key portability/Backup
PKCS12-NULL 0 Key portability/Backup
Other Characteristics/Technologies Modulus/Key Strength End-Use
PKCS #5/Wallet See PKCS #5 above Storage of wallet info in private key database
PKCS #7  See S/MIME above Digital signatures
PKCS #8 Used with PKCS #5 (see above) and PKCS #12 Storage and encryption of keys in key database and .p12 files
PKCS #11, with restricted algorithms ------------------------------ Smart cards and hardware acceleration
SSL-JAVA API (layer on top of existing SSLsupport) Same as existing SSL and TLS lists Translates SSL and TLS capabilities into Java
Object Signing Application ----------------------------- Standard for network code security and incorporated digital signing only
AES finalist Rijndael 128/192/256 Bulk data encryption

Algorithm/Other Specifications can be found at the following locations:
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