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Package org.mozilla.jss.util

Interface Summary
PasswordCallback Represents a password callback, which is called to login to the key database and to PKCS #11 tokens.

Class Summary
Assert C-style assertions in Java.
Base64InputStream Reads in base-64 encoded input and spits out the raw binary decoding.
Base64OutputStream An output stream filter that takes arbitrary bytes and outputs their base64 encoding.
ConsolePasswordCallback A password callback that obtains its password from the console.
NativeErrcodes An enumeration of all error codes from NSS and NSPR.
NativeProxy NativeProxy, a superclass for Java classes that mirror C data structures.
NullPasswordCallback A PasswordCallback that immediately gives up.
Password Stores a password.
PasswordCallbackInfo An object of this class is passed to a PasswordCallback to give it information about the token that is being logged into.
Tunnel A class to allow friendly functions access to other parts of JSS.
UTF8Converter Class for converting between char arrays and byte arrays.

Exception Summary
AssertionException Assertion exceptions are thrown when assertion code is invoked and fails to operate properly.
NotImplementedException This exception is thrown whenever something isn't implemented.
PasswordCallback.GiveUpException This exception is thrown if the PasswordCallback wants to stop guessing passwords.