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Installing Mozbot Modules

Installing a new mozbot module is quite easy. First, copy the .bm file (e.g. into the BotModule/ directory.

Next, on IRC, authenticate with your bot as its administrator (the installation instructions walk you through this), and tell it to load the module using the load command.

<IRCMonkey> auth IRCMonkey password
   <mozbot> Hi IRCMonkey!
<IRCMonkey> load Foo
   <mozbot> Loaded module 'Foo'.

You can then find out more about the module using the help command.

<IRCMonkey> help
   <mozbot> Help topics for mozbot 2.2 (see
   <mozbot>   Admin: bless cycle join load part reload restart shutdown shutup unbless unload vars
   <mozbot>   Foo: bar baz;  ...
   <mozbot> For help on a particular topic, type 'help <topic>'. Note that some commands may be disabled in certain channels.
<IRCMonkey> help Foo
   <mozbot> Foo: This module does this that and the other.
<IRCMonkey> help bar
   <mozbot> bar: Uses the bar algorithm. Syntax: bar some text

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