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Mozilla Footprint Projects

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Memory Usage

Memory Usage Smoke Test Results
Served fresh daily, a tracking system that charts overall virtual memory usage, resident set size growth and leak rates. Note that these graphs track memory usage of the embedding harness, not the full-blown Mozilla browser.
Historical Process Growth Rate
Historical Process Growth Rate
Historical VM Usage Historical VM Usage Today's LTOG Memory Usage Today's LTOG Memory Usage
Using SpaceTrace to Inspect Footprint  Presentation
Instruction on how to use SpaceTrace to analyze footpirnt data.
Codesighs, a Code and Data size monitoring tool
Instruction on how to use Codesighs to determine code and data size.
Using trace-malloc to Measure Live Bloat
A brief describing how to use trace-malloc's facilities to measure ``live objects''.
How to debug memory leaks/refcnt leaks
This document describes tools that are built into Mozilla that can be used to diagnose memory leaks, especially, leaks that occur due to reference counting issues.
XPCOM Leak Tutorial
A tutorial that describes in detail how to use the above toolset.
Memory Usage Patterns
Some random thoughts and human observations about mozilla memory usage.
OSX (10.1) memory analysis
Gross memory usage on Mac OSX collected using top.
Interactive leak tests
A set of interactive tests that search for leaks.
SGI Memo on usability and memory usage.
Read this and think about what you've done for footprint today.

Toolchain Issues

A comparison of some common memory allocators.
A modified version of gcc-2.95.2 that builds a binary that uses less memory at runtime.

Task Lists

Footprint Bugs
A list of all Bugzilla bugs with the footprint keyword.
Current High Priority Tasks
This was current at one point. It's not really current anymore.
Old Grab Bag Task List
This was current at some point before the previous list; it's now really out of date.