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High Priority Footprint tasks.  1/26/01
  • Still don't know why RSS is so high.  12MB v. IE 2-3 MB
  • Swap in another linux allocator for reduced fragmentation
    • kandrot having troubles with what looks like allocator conflicts on SuSE. Redhat Ok.
  • Evaluate what's using memory during peak usage on memory hog sites.
    • kandrot to look at this
  • Examine opportunity for .so and runtime foot print if we can strip exprots and relocations
    • cls reports wtc & bryner gave up; only one of the gcc attributes requires glibc support (``protected''); the others just  need a modern linker.
    • Another thing to follow up on is, can we ``pre-rebase'' Linux  .so's to avoid rebasing at load time?
    • what is next here?  more info on ``magic gcc attributes''  from
  • Revisit RTTI bloat issues.  gamera is using exceptions which sucks in need for RTTI
    • kandrots analysis shows gcc-2.95.2 has 20% higher bloat than egcs-1.1.2
    • dont' understand why.
     Improve Reporting and Monitoring of Memory Use
          Daily test run and results publishing  - twalker/curt
               Blackbox Consumption Reports  - done
          Develop/port windows memory monitoring tools - mjudge
thesteve to fix tools to rollup 'allocation frequency' by functional area to find biggest fragmentation hogs

     Examine the Biggest Consumers of Memory for optimized memory use.

  • Image Lib  - saari/pnunn  - image cache redesign work landing late feb.
    • Images are ~20-30% of live object data according to trace malloc reports.
    • Largest speed deltas are also on intensive image pages.
    • pav, tor - found optimization that allows storage of image bits only on x-server
    • evaluting ways to decode to 16 bits on 16bit systems
    • empty/spacer images need to be compressed
  • Style System - pierre/attanasi  -
    •             look at factoring options
    •                   pierre's latest enabling changes regressed performance. evaluating
    •                   about a 70% space reduction in memory use for sytle rules might be achieveable
  • Frame/Frame Manager - buster
  •  js?  (for N6.5?)
  •  layout?
  •  i18n/l10n - yokoyama -
    • bugs related to footprint and performance (65686,65685,52352,49527,29321,17029)
  • Catalog, Control, and Tune Cache and Buffer Sizes System Wide
          history - radha
          image - saari
          necko memory - gordon
          necko disk cache - gordon
          identify others - waterson
          tie into new api for memory presure relief - rickg's idea?

     Reduce code size with tune-ups to linux compilers
          test and migrate to gcc 2.9.2 - cls, thesteve, and others
          optimizations - ron guillmette
          code generation optimizations - kandrot
          explore other compiler options/optimizations
               intel - marek
               sony - marek
               borland kylix - rickg, porkjockeys
     Kill all de leaks, mon...
            footprint :        55 bugs found.
           mlk :      90 bugs found- 1/6; 91 bugs found 1/26.