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Client Customization Kit (CCK)

There is work going on to product a XUL based Firefox CCK. For more information, see

The CCK project will produce a set of tools that help distributors customize and distribute the client. Support is provided for creating CD and download installers. Wizards are provided to simplify customization, installation, and ISP signup.

Currently, our design centers around a win32 implementation because the size of my team has been limited. See Advocacy below if you don't like that.

  • Some Historical Background
  • Documentation
  • Sources

    Initially, the code will only be available via CVS. Check out from mozilla/cck and read the README.TXT file.

    See the history document for directions to the pre-5.0 free source release of the dialup tools.

  • Advocacy/Wishlist

    We could really use your help! In particular, it would be really great to have some help getting a Mac version of our tools running again.