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Other issues in Sunbird & Lightning 0.3

The following are known issues in Sunbird & Lightning 0.3.

  • Enabling "Automatic proxy configuration URL" in Sunbird will cause remote calendars to fail to load on startup. To workaround this bug, execute "Reload Remote Calendars" after Sunbird has started up or use "Manual proxy configuration". (bug 338527)
  • Portions of attachments on events and tasks may be lost when uploading to a remote calendar. (bug 319909)
  • All-day events are occasionally displayed on two days when they should only be displayed on one. (bug 333363)
  • Creating a task with a due date does not display in Week View until the view is refreshed. Refresh the view by switching to a different view and back again, or restarting the application. (bug 353066)
  • Tasks without due dates cannot be dragged and dropped. (bug 353070)
  • Events from other calendar applications with a DURATION set but no DTEND (end date) will have the DURATION removed and a calculated end date added when exported. (bug 317786)
  • Occurrences of recurring events may disappear when dragging and dropping them. (bug 336952)
  • "By weekday" and "by day" recurrence types (such as "recur on the last weekday of the month") are not supported. (bug 322458)
  • Unifinder and task view are empty when using a CalDAV calendar. (bug 356021)
  • UNCONFIRMED - Upgrading from Sunbird 0.3a1 or earlier may cause data loss. (bug 356000)
  • UNCONFIRMED - Opening a file from Sunbird 0.3a1 or earlier may cause an "alarmTime has no properties" error. (bug 356004)