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Webclient Developers Guide


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Webclient is a Java API for embedding a web browser within a Java application. Currently it is aimed at embedding the Mozilla web browser, which is written in native C++ code. But the broader goal is to support not just Mozilla but other browsers as well; e.g., Microsoft's Internet Explorer, a native browser, and non-native browsers such as Sun's HotJava Browser and ICEsoft's ICE Browser, which are written in pure Java.

The Webclient implementation for the Mozilla browser uses a combination of Java, JNI (Java Native Interfaces), and C++. The public API is located in the package: org.mozilla.webclient. It contains public Java interfaces and a few classes, none specific to the underlying browser type.

Before you begin your project, you will need to get the code for Webclient and build it. You can find all the instructions you need at:

The next section, Getting Started: An Example, uses an example to guide you through the basics of using the Webclient API. Everything you need to know to use Webclient is contained in this guide. However, if you care to know more about how Webclient works, see the Webclient Implementation Guide.

The section called References provides you with additional sources of information.

Finally, you should consult the Webclient API for details on interfaces that you need to implement or classes that you use.

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