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Building a better browser with GTK+


  • It seems that the development on the "Mozilla Classic" GTK+ frontend has halted. Development efforts are now turning to the new layout engine and cross platform front end code, together code named Seamonkey.
  • The X heads at Netscape decided that now would be the best time to move away from Motif. They choose GTK+ as the target toolkit for development under the X Windows System.
  • The platform independant code for Seamonkey has been implemented in GTK+. This is currently the code that gets used in the default build of Seamonkey under Unix.


  • Building Seamonkey under GTK+ is fairly simple. The first place to look is the autoconf project page. This will give you a lot of information on the build system for Mozilla. There are complete instructions on building under Unix here.
  • Everyone loves screenshots. MozillaZine has been tracking the progress of GTK+ Seamonkey. You can find screenshots here.
  • Please help us! The work to implement all the widgets is not done yet. For more information on what needs to be done, post to netscape.public.mozilla.gtk


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