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A GTK front end for Mozilla.


* The gnomefe code is part of the mozilla code. Do not use the gnomefe, gnomefe-ac, or gtkfe modules on the gnome cvs server. Building gnomefe using requires that you use autoconf. To enable the gnomefe run configure and use the --enable-fe=gnome flag to enable the GNOME front end. The source code for gnomefe is located in the cmd/gnomefe/ directory in the mozilla source.
* NSPR is not built as part of the autoconf build. We know. This is not a bug. Please read the section of the autoconf page labeled Building. You will need to build a copy of NSPR before building gnomefe. Please take the time to read the autoconf page. You will save yourself a lot of time if you do this.
* You will also need a recent copy of the GNOME libraries. At a minium you will need the gtk+, glib, imlib, ORBit, and gnome-libs modules. The instructions on how to check out and build them out of the GNOME cvs server are located on the GNOME web site. Please check there for information about GNOME and GTK.
* The mozilla-gtk mailing list is the mailing list for the project. If you don't want to subscribe to a mailing list, you can use the news group instead.
* Everyone loves screenshots.


* Ideas/TODO
* The GTK+ web site.
* GNOME Anonymous CVS Help

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