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Jamie Zawinski

On April 1st, 1998, I threw a little party to celebrate the release of the Mozilla source code, and to thank all of the folks who have brought us this far.

It was a blast.

Go here to read a narrative about the chaos and pathos that goes into putting together an enormous spectacle like this one at absolutely the last minute.

Or, if you're the impatient type, skip all those pesky words and go straight to the pictures.

The party got some press coverage, too:

Do you know of more? let me know.


  • To Random, for giving me a crash course in club promotion;

  • To Dan Mosedale and Doug Dalton, for coordinating all of our computer hardware needs, talking many people into lending us expensive equipment for free, and generally going above and beyond the call of duty;

  • To Brian Behlendorf, for coordinating half of our djs, for djing himself, and for valuable advice;

  • To Spencer Murray and the souliciousfunkdefied experience of The Kofy Brown Band, for one hell of a show;

  • To all our djs, Skip, Sage, Brian, Markie, Caliban, Fuzzboy, and Mr. Meanor, for excellent music;

  • To Tara Hernandez, for cashing in favors with vice presidents to get them to spring for the cost of busses to bring Netscape employees to the party and back again;

  • To Marc Andreessen, for personally footing the bill for busses to bring the folks who went to see him speak at SVLUG to the party;

  • To Don McCasland, for hijacking the giant styrofoam Mozilla from the Netscape cafeteria and transporting it to and from the club; and also for providing a pair of Quake-ready PCs;

  • To Aimee Cardwell, Bob Lord, Dylan Shea, and David King for helping us set up, break down, transport heavy objects, make last-minute shopping trips, and various other indignities;

  • To Morrisa Sherman, for last-minute decorations;

  • To Netobjects, Inc., for donating copies of NetObjects Fusion 2.0 and NetObjects SiteBuilder for us to give away;

  • To Macromedia, for donating a copy of Macromedia Flash 2.0;

  • To Digital Equipment Corporation, for donating a zillion copies of Alta Vista Personal Search;

  • To Be, Inc., for donating copies of BeOS x86, and some Be t-shirts;

  • To Wired Magazine, for donating baseball caps, t-shirts, and many copies of their latest issue;

  • To Unamerican Activities, for donating hundreds of foul-mouthed and cynical stickers;

  • To Proxim, for lending us the hardware for a wireless T1 link to the nightclub, and for coming out and installing it on the day of the event;

    To Hypnovista, for lending us the internet connectivity at the other end;

    To Adam Margulies for lending us an SGI O2, preloaded with MBONE video encoding software;

  • To ICAST, for allowing us to to redistribute their Viewer & Guide MBONE video software for Windows 95 and NT (instructions here);

  • To RealNetworks, for lending us a machine preloaded with RealVideo encoding software;

  • To Elliot Lee for running the irc.mozilla.org IRC server;

  • To Michael Whalen and the staff of Sound Factory, for being incredibly helpful, organized, and for running one of the nicest, most immaculate club spaces I've ever seen.

  • To Shepard, Philip, and all the folks at Black Market, for not only coming up with a stunning t-shirt design, but also for getting the shirts printed and shipped to us in record time;

      Note: The t-shirts are gone. They were a limited edition of 1000, and there won't be any more. There may be different t-shirts in the future, but please don't bug the Black Market folks about it.

  • To all 3,500 of you who came to the party (and, it would seem, for tipping like winning gamblers and making the bartenders very, very happy people);

  • And to whomever I've accidentally forgotten. Please don't hate me, it was a mistake!

    Thank you all!