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nglayout project

general roadmap

    (last updated: 9/20/98) It is our major objective to release significant improvements to NGLayout as quickly as possible. Therefore, incremental releases may occur in addition to those given below. Also, note that the usual rules apply and that patches and updates will be available more frequently when the CVS repository goes "live".

    It has disturbed us to read recently in some misinformed press articles that NGLayout is "behind schedule" or some other such thing. Nothing could be farther from the truth - we're on an aggressively rapid schedule, which is on track thanks to help from people like you. If you'd like to help accelerate our progress and improve the feature set, check out our page on getting involved with NGLayout!

    • Target 0: February 1, 1998
      • Development Begins

    • Target 1: April 15, 1998
      • "Technology" release of early system.

    • Target 2: August 1, 1998
      • "Viewer" release -- by now, you should be able to view the top 100 web sites. Note - we hit this milestone successfully on 8/1/98.

    • Target 3: September 1, 1998
      • "Stable Viewer" release -- by now NGLayout should begin to look and feel like a real browser. This implies being able to visit most pages and also correct operation of form submission, session history and other application interactions. This doesn't imply that the standalone viewer used for embedding NGLayout will be a first class "browser" application with all the features of Navigator. However, the interfaces Navigator may need to embed NGLayout should be in place. We need your help testing NGLayout to reach this milestone!

    • Target 4: September 15, 1998
      • "Super Stable" (S2) release -- Automated site crawling results in at least 60 minutes MTBF. Minimal memory leaks.

    • Target 5: October 1998
      • By now NGLayout should be getting some modules that are more "browser like" than simple layout engine pieces, such related links, or history, or printing.

    where we really are today

    We want and need your feedback and assistance. We're hoping to find a set of net developers who share the same passion for a great HTML layout system that we have. We would greatly appreciate your feedback, and if possible, your help in developing the system. If you're willing to build and test the system, we're ready to take your feedback. If you want to go the next step and actually get NGLayout out the door, then please read our document explaining how to get involved.