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Mozilla Trademark Policy for Web Sites Created by Localization Teams

Version 0.6 (draft)

Localization team members, please direct questions about this policy to

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This document outlines the Mozilla Foundation's policy for use of trademarks web sites belonging to official localization projects. We want to recognise that official localization projects are an important part of the community by giving them more rights to use our trademarks on their websites than we might give anyone else.

This document is meant to be a companion document to the Mozilla Trademark Policy and the Mozilla Trademark Policy for Localization Projects.

Official Localization Teams

The provisions in this document apply only to official Localization Teams (a.k.a. L10n teams), as defined in the Mozilla Trademark Policy for Localization Projects.

Translated Versions of Mozilla Web Sites

We encourage all localization teams to contribute to a translated version of the, or web sites, and have that be the main product page for their localisations. The Mozilla Europe site already has the facility to incorporate translations into itself directly; eventually, we hope to have this on as well.

Project Sites, Community Sites or Promotional Sites

When Official Localization Projects create project pages, community sites or promotional sites, they may use Mozilla trademarks in the domain names for these sites, and may also use our trademarks (such as the Mozilla, Firefox and Thunderbird logos) on the sites, subject to the following restrictions:

  • At the top of the site's main page, it should be stated clearly and explicitly that this is a community site, maintained by a group of volunteers.
  • A link to at least one official Mozilla site should be provided (a localized site, or the English site, or, or
  • If the site includes links to Community Releases then they must include a more prominent link to an official localized release for that region, and the difference between these two products must be clearly explained. If a localization project does not create an official localization, but still wants to link to a Community Release download, then they may not create a site that uses our trademarks under this policy without our permission. This is to make sure that an unmodified product is always readily available to users who want one.