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Mozilla Foundation Activities

The Mozilla Foundation conducts a number of different activities that support the principles of the Mozilla Manifesto. Current activities include:

Grants and Related Support
The Mozilla Foundation provides grants and other financial support to development projects and other activities of relevance to the Mozilla community. One particular focus is on enhancing the accessibility of Firefox and the web for people with disabilities. It has also provided support for services targeted to volunteer developers of Mozilla-related software, development of better ways to ensure conformance to web standards, and other open source projects beyond the Mozilla community.
Mozilla Project Governance
The Mozilla Foundation oversees the Mozilla project and its various governance mechanisms. It creates and oversees formal policies adopted for the project (e.g., for trademark and logo usage, handling of security bugs, and inclusion of Certificate Authorities in Mozilla software) as well as more informal policies and governance mechanisms (e.g., for Mozilla module owners, reviewers and super-reviewers, and others).
Services to Mozilla Community Projects
The Mozilla Foundation provides legal, licensing, and other help to several Mozilla community projects including Bugzilla, SeaMonkey and Camino, for such matters as fundraising, trademark registration and enforcement, licensing agreement and policy creation.
Promoting the Mozilla Project
The Mozilla Foundation helps promote the Mozilla project to the general public by sending people to conferences around the world and by supporting or organizing events that communicate the principles of the Mozilla Manifesto to a wider audience.
Non-profit Management
The Mozilla Foundation manages the collection of donations and handles all state and federal non-profit reporting requirements. Maintenance of its non-profit status allows the Mozilla Foundation to focus on devoting its resources to providing services that promote the public benefit.