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Mozilla Trademark Policy for Distribution Partners

Version 0.9 (DRAFT)

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This document outlines the Mozilla Corporation's policy for distribution of modified versions of Firefox, Thunderbird and future products containing our trademarks. So, for example, it would apply to computer manufacturers or ISPs wanting to ship Firefox or Thunderbird with machines or on CDs.

This document is meant as a companion document to the Trademarks Policy and the Localization Trademarks Policy.

Firefox and Thunderbird are open source projects, so this policy only applies if you'd like to use our trademarks to identify your releases. If you're not planning on doing that, then you don't have to worry about this document.

Unaltered Official Binaries

You may distribute unchanged official binaries downloaded from to anyone in any way subject to governing law, without receiving any further permission from Mozilla Corporation. However, you must not remove or change any part of the official binary, including Mozilla trademarks. On your website or in other materials, you may truthfully state that the software you are providing is an unmodified version of a Mozilla application, keeping in mind the overall guidelines for the use of Mozilla trademarks in printed materials, detailed above. We suggest that, if you choose to provide visitors to your website the opportunity to download Mozilla binaries, you do so by means of a link to our site, to help ensure faster, more reliable downloads.

If you choose to distribute Mozilla binaries yourself, we request that you make available the latest stable version (of course, you probably want to do so as well). The notification requirements of the MPL have been met for our binaries, so although it's a good idea to do so, you are not required to ship the source code along with the binaries.

Partner Opportunities

We do allow distribution partners to make some small number of modifications to Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird and for those still to be considered "official" versions. The aim is to provide consistency and quality of user experience. For information about these partnership opportunities, please visit: