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Mozilla Languages Enabling Projects

Contact: Frank Tang < >
Discussion: or netscape.public.mozilla.i18n
Last Updated: June 2, 1998

Purpose Of This Page

We gather open source developers to enhance Mozilla internationalization features by:

  • Enabling Mozilla to support additional scripts/writing systems.
  • Add additional feature to the already supported scripts/writing system.
  • Tune the performance of the internationalization library code.
  • Develope new code to overcome the limitation of the underline OS internationalization support.
  • Fix I18N bugs

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How To Add Additional Charset Support
Information about what need be done (at least) to support additional script/writing system or charset to Mozilla source. Read this after you download and build the Mozilla source code.
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Project Documents:

Schedule, Developers, In/out list
Schedule of this project, Owners of feature, People may willing to help, Draft In/Out List for 5.0 freeze
Non-English Mozilla Discussion Area
A list of non-English website,mailling list, newsgroup which discuss Mozilla related issue.
Credit Page
A page give credit to people contribute patches.
Old Project page updated April 30, 1998
The old project page which still have some valide information.