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L10n Library

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Last Updated: 08-Aug-98

This is where you will find localization kit documentation on-line. Documentation will also be provided within the localization kits themselves. Theoretically, the on-line docs and the in-kit docs should be the same; however, if there is a discrepancy, you should:

    a) believe the in-kit docs over the on-line docs, and
    b) inform us that there is a mismatch between the two versions.

We'll fix it as soon as possible.

You will also find miscellaneous technical notes on various subejcts here.

Documentation is grouped into "pods" of related HTML pages. Select the pod you wish to read from the links below.

Documentation Pod Description Last Updated
Windows 32 bit Front End Instructions for localizing the client for Windows NT and Windows '95. Includes updated release notes for version 4.05. 08-May-98
Localization Notes for Netscape Communicator version 4.05 Online versions of the localization notes (.DOG files), containing specific instructions for individual resources. 04-May-98
Netscape Translation Tools Instructions for using the freely available Netscape Translation Tools: ToolCool and DogLev. Now includes instructions on using DogLev, the resource leveraging tool! 08-May-98
Windows Installer Instructions for localizing the client for Windows installer. 04-Apr-98
NetHelp Instructions for localizing the NetHelp HTML-based help system for the client (cross-platform). 19-May-98
Tech Notes Technical bulletins covering various localization-related topics. Tech notes enhance or in some cases, may supercede, the Instructions contained in the regular localization kit documentaion. 08-Aug-98

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