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DOM Reference and Links

The different DOM Levels
This paper is based on the abstracts of each DOM specification. It explains briefly what each DOM Level brings with regard to functionality, and the degree of support of Mozilla for that part of the specs.
Links to specifications and tutorials
A huge list of links to specifications and tutorials. If you couldn't find the information you wanted on this site, you will probably find it within these links.
Using the DOM Level 1 Core (draft)
An excellent introduction to the DOM. For beginners, the main concepts and ideas are explained.
Fundamental DOM Level 1 Techniques
This technote is an overview of some powerful, fundamental DOM Level 1 methods and how to use them from JavaScript. You will learn how to create, access, control, and remove elements dynamically.
Whitespace handling in the DOM (draft)
This paper makes it easy to work with whitespace nodes in the DOM. Even if they seem a little annoying, they can be useful when used right.
Sample code, courtesy of
Incredible samples of technologies including CSS, DOM, JavaScript and HTML.
API for setting CSSP properties from JavaScript
CSSP enables you to position, hide, show, and stack HTML elements on the page. This specification was incorporated in the CSS2 spec. Learn how to modify your CSSP dynamically, and in a cross-browser way.
Code generator for setting CSS1 properties from JavaScript
CSS1 enables you to control the style and presentation of HTML elements. However CSS1 rules are static and hard-coded. This technote explains how to define CSS1 rules from JavaScript in a cross-browser way.