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Mapping DOM Objects to their C++ classes

Fabian Guisset <>

Documentation for the following properties of the global object is currently available: HTML Objects:

The DOM as implemented in Mozilla has a top-level object: 'window'. All other objects are direct or indirect properties of this global object. All direct properties of 'window' can be accessed without using "window." as a prefix. The most common use of this feature is the 'document' property of 'window'. For instance, calling document.title will in fact call window.document.title. The 'document' property of the 'window' object is retrieved using the GetDocument() function of the GlobalWindowImpl class.

This documentation tells you in what files each property of the global object is implemented. This allows coders to find the relevant piece of code faster, and allows web developers who know a little c++ to find some "hidden" features of the DOM in Mozilla.