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LDAP standards and documents

The ones that are RFCs are noted; the others are internet-drafts (from IETF Internet Drafts...)


Note: the IETF is in the process of revising the core LDAP documents. See the LDAP Revision Working Group charter page.

LDAP Extensions

For more information about protocol extensions, see the LDAP Extension Working Group charter page.

APIs and File Formats


Related Standards

LDAP-related IETF Working Groups

LDAP Extensions (LDAPExt) charter drafts
LDAP Update and Replication (LDUP) charter drafts
LDAP Revision (LDAPBis) charter drafts
Public Key Infrastructure (PKIX) charter drafts

Related Documents

A Layman's Guide to a Subset of ASN.1, BER, and DER, from RSA PKCS (public key infrastructure)

Understanding X.500, by David Chadwick, a good reference for how X.500 works.